Fernando Perdomo releases new album “Fernando Perdomo Has Lost His Voice” without any warning

Taken directly from Perdomo’s facebook page

IT’S MY BIRTHDAY AND I DO WHAT I WANT. That includes dropping a 37 track album with zero warning! without

Here is “Fernando Perdomo Has Lost His Voice”

37 of my songs and co writes sung by 37 of my favorite singer’s/Bands


An album I have wanted to make for over 10 years… It presents my songs in a new, fresh way. In many ways, I made my own tribute album while I am still very much alive.

Here is the tracklist

1. Spotlight Smile featuring Dr. Danny (Danny Ayala of The Lemon Twigs)
2. California Moon featuring Pat Sansone of Wilco and The Autumn Defense
3. Fill My Sky featuring The Rosannah Sisters
4. Smile featuring Eric Matthews and Linda Perhacs
5. Home featuring Cait Brennan
6. Girl With a Record Collection featuring Derek Cintron
7. Let Me Love You featuring Katie Ferrara
8. Music All Around Me featuring Jacob Jeffries
9. In A World Without You featuring Terry Draper of Klaatu – The Band
10. Something’s Missing featuring The Super Fuzz Group
11. Here With me Featuring David Divad
12. Dar Sin Recibir featuring Miguel Luna
13. Dead Flowers feat Zach Ziskin
14. Lullaby featuring Ferny Coipel of Humbert
15. Where Will We Be featuring Nikki Kidd
16. The One You run To featuring Ken Sharp
17. Feels featuring Chloe Dolandis
18. Gold featuring Edan Archer
19. Standing Still While The World Goes Round featuring A Bad Think
20. Sleep featuring FARRINGTON James Patrick
21. On Sunday Morning featuring Durga McBroom
22.Photographers In Love featuring Jim Camacho
23. Half Dead featuring Brian Jay Cline
24. 1970 featuring James Houlahan
25. Look at The Moon featuring Sj Acoustic
26.Warm featuring Yves LF Giraud
27. This Can Be You feat Ex Norwegian
28. Love Loss repeat featuring David Goodstein
29. Sometimes Featuring Casandra Perez
30. Love is a Journey feat Robert Avellanet of Menudo
31. Like Yeah No I Don’t Know featuring Blaylock John ‘Franco’ Blaylock
32. The Will To Love featuring Marisol Koss
33. Holding Back I Love Yous featuring Girl Disappearing Harcharan Kaur
34. Andreas Fault feat MINKY STARSHINE
35. Steal this Song Feat Robbie Gennet
36. Carole’s Catastrophe feat Ed Hale and The Transcendence and the grand finale
37. Amicable feat Dave Kerzner

I have to thank Cyndi Trissel for the cover and moral support
Zach Ziskin for the mixing, mastering and singing
@yves for engineering Edan Archer Howland-Cook
Rodolfo Troncoso for engineering Casandra
Ducky Carlisle for engineering Minky

and all the people involved who kicked ass on their songs..

I am truly happy on my 38th birthday

Oh.. and guess what

THIS IS VOLUME 1 .. More to come!

Grab your copy on Bandcamp