MICHAEL THOMPSON BAND will release their live album & video, “High Times – Live In Italy”

MTB’s first, and so far only live show in Europe, happened on a magic night on Saturday, April 28, 2018, when in front of an awed crowd, Michael Thompson, together with Larry King on vocals, Larry Antonino and Guy Allison (Unruly Child) on bass and keyboards respectively, and Sergio Gonzalez on drums, performed a set which created a special kind of AOR magic at the LIVE MUSIC CLUB in Milan, Italy. 

Cherry-picking the best songs from their now legendary debut album “How Long” and offering some previews from the, at the time, upcoming album “Love and Beyond”, MTB offered a magnificent hour-long set which delighted all the fans in attendance. This is a one of a kind magic performance and if you were not there, well, now you can see what you missed! 

1. Can’t Miss2. Secret Information3. Love & Beyond4. Give Love A Chance5. High Times6. Save Yourself7. Starting Over8. Wasteland9. More Than A Feeling

Michael Thompson – guitars
Larry King – vocals
Larry Antonino – bass and vocals
Guy Allison – keys
Sergio Gonzalez – drums

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