Daniele Liverani to Release “Incomplete” a New Concept Album

Multi-instrumentalist Daniele Liverani (formerly EMPTY TREMOR, GENIUS ROCK OPERA, KHYMERA, TWINSPIRITS, PRIME SUSPECT, COSMICS) is working on the production of a new concept album which will be titled “Incomplete”.

“Incomplete” represents for Liverani the return to the production/composition of sung music, after 10 years of exclusively instrumental music: (Eleven Mysteries (2012), Fantasia (2014), A Kind Of Soul (2014), An Innocent challenge (2016), Worlds Apart (2019), and various other orchestral compositions).

The lyrics of the album will be recorded by American singer Jack Seabaugh, a revelation multi-instrumentalist/arranger of recent years, with a recently released solo album entitled “Neon Sky” to his credit.

The drums will be recorded by Simon Ciccotti (Ex DE LA MUERTE, drummer for the RUSSEL ALLEN’s Metal For Autism Tour 2017, TURBULENCE, PAREIDOLIA) in the recently created “Ciccotti Brothers” studio.

The rest of the instruments will be recorded/arranged by Daniele.

The album will also contain, as bonus tracks, the recording of the “Concerto for violin and orchestra in D Major n.1” in three movements, entitled “Impetus”, composed by Liverani in 2017/2018, performed by the German violinist Tonio Geugelin.

The album will be released/distributed through Landr exclusively for the digital market (Spotify, iTunes, Apple Music, Google Play, Amazon Music, Deezer, Tidal, and many others). The publication is scheduled for autumn 2021.

Here is the tracklist and the cover of the album:

1-I Dream Of Me
2-How I Feel
3-I Won’t Cry
5-Get Out Of My Way
7-I’ll Change My Life
8-Keep The Faith
9-Move On
10-In My Heart

Bonus tracks: “Concerto for violin and orchestra in D Major n.1” “Impetus”
12-Aiming For Peace