Pattern-Seeking Animals unveil 2nd single and video “Somewhere North of Nowhere” from upcoming new album “Spooky Action at a Distance”

Pattern-Seeking Animals (PS-A) share another musical glimpse of their upcoming album, Spooky Action at a Distance, out on InsideOutMusic on October 27th.

With their new single “Somewhere North of Nowhere”, the US-based group delivers yet another catchy track with an animated and AI generated music video.
“Somewhere North of Nowhere is a cheery little story of a guy on a spiritual journey who soon realizes he’s being followed. Might be preternatural forces, might be aliens, but he soon discovers something very, very bad is happening right over the horizon. It’s too late to turn around as the dire situation is only getting worse. Or, he could be hallucinating all of this…”

Watch the video to “Somewhere North Of Nowhere” here:

The album’s first single, “Window to the World”, that came out in August, immediately captivates with its high-energy, up-tempo art-rock infused with elements of ska and reggae. Demonstrating the band’s fearless approach to experimentation, the single introduces listeners to a sonic universe that is both innovative and nostalgic.

Stream & watch the video to “Window to the World” here:

(CD 1)
The Man Made of Stone
Window to the World
What Awaits Me
He Once Was
Underneath the Orphan Moon
Clouds That Never Rain
Somewhere North of Nowhere
Summoned from Afar
Love Is Still the Light
(CD 2)
There Goes My Baby
Orphans of the Universe (Live at ProgStock 2022)
Elegant Vampires (Live at ProgStock 2022)
Time Has a Way (Live at ProgStock 2022)*
 *CD & Digital album only

Spooky Action at a Distance is available in the following formats:• Limited 2CD Digipak*
• Digital album*
• 2LP Gatefold vinyl 180g**

*including 3 live bonus tracks from ProgStock 2022
**including 2 live bonus tracks from ProgStock 2022

Pre-order Spooky Action at a Distance here:

Spooky Action at a Distance finds Pattern-Seeking Animals more confident than ever, approaching new soundscapes and topics, showcasing their evolution, and commitment to pushing their own creative boundaries.
John Boegehold explains, “Because this is our fourth release in less than five years, my intention was to shift gears and not go over ground that’s already been covered. In addition to using different sounds, textures and musical styles, we approached the vocals, especially backing vocals from a fairly different angle. In addition, the album was recorded, mixed and mastered at a different studio with a different engineer than our previous three releases.”
The different approach is not only noticeable in production and sounds, but in the lyrics as well. “The subject matter of the lyrics include a Norse king contemplating life while being conquered, an aging seeker on the path toward enlightenment, aliens hunting down humans trying to evade capture, the life of a conflicted soldier before and after WW1, a pregnant teenager leaving a bad situation at home, a reluctant hero victorious in her final battle and a guy’s girlfriend who leaves him because of his conspiracy theories.”

About Pattern-Seeking Animals:
Pattern-Seeking Animals (PS-A) is a pioneering force in the progressive rock genre, consistently pushing the boundaries of musical exploration. Having already left an indelible mark on the genre since their self-titled debut in 2019, Pattern-Seeking Animals weave captivating narratives into an eclectic soundscape that pushes the boundaries of creativity. Hailing from the lineage of the influential Spock’s Beard, Pattern-Seeking Animals features John Boegehold (keyboards and production), Ted Leonard (lead vocals and guitar), bassist Dave Meros, and the dynamic Jimmy Keegan on drums. Formed as a conduit for Boegehold’s visionary compositions, the band has evolved into a driving force of progressive exploration, crafting music that is both intricate and immediate.



Edison Suit’s Darkness Gives Shape to the Light is Power of Prog Featured Music Video

“Darkness Gives Shape to the Light” is the second music video from the album “Persistence of Vision” by US Progressive Instrumental art-rock band Edison Suit released on the Melodic Revolution Records label.

“Our pieces come together through improvisation and experimentation and the last thing we do is come up with a list of potential titles and then assign them to the songs. The titles all come from various books I’ve read, this one is from a book called Earthseed by Octavia Butler”
– Barry Wood

Persistence of Vision Edison Suit’s third release and 1st new album in 17 years plunges further into their ethos of making electronic instruments seem organic and acoustic instruments seem electronic. Their penchant for unusual song structures and time signatures results in music that’s as surprising as it is ear-opening.

Edison Suit is the creative vision of Mark Smith and Barry Wood

Mark Smith: Electric, acoustic, 12-string guitar, EBow guitars, mando guitar, bass, and banjo 
Barry Wood: Keyboards, bass, Chapman Stick, lap steel, lap steel resonator, and programming 
Bret Wadams: Drums, and cymbals
Paul McIntire: Violin

Edison Suit Links

MRR Profile Page

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Melodic Revolution Records Signs COLIN CARTER Co-founder of the English Progressive Rock Group Flash

Melodic Revolution Records are beyond thrilled to announce the signing of COLIN CARTER, Co-founder of English Progressive Rock Group Flash to the MRR family of talent. 

Flash was an English progressive rock group, formed by former Yes guitarist Peter Banks, vocalist Colin Carter, bassist Ray Bennett, and drummer Mike Hough in August 1971 the band released three studio albums, with all three in the top 200 Billboard charts as well as their debut which charted at No. 33. 

Colin relocated to the US in the late 70s and continued performing with many bands. In the 2000’s Colin headed north, this time for rural Oregon, in the Pacific Northwest. During his time in Oregon, he has recorded a reformed Flash album on Cleopatra Records, with Ray Bennett, former Flash bass player, now on guitar. The two performed as Flash at Mexicali Prog Festival in Mexico in 2005 and again at the ProgDay Annual Progressive Rock Festival in North Carolina in 2010.

Colin now resides near the Oregon Coast. He is still writing, recording, and has released a solo CD named “Colin Carter-One” in 2018. Writing and singing all the songs, and playing most of the instruments, he produced an eclectic collection of songs in wide ranging styles. The album became an experiment to test the boundaries of his musical and songwriting and production skills. A learning experience.

So what’s next? Well Colin has finished recording a second solo album, Tracks in Space and is due out in 2023.

In a statement from Colin
I had just completed the Tracks in Space album, which was a ton of work, of course, but when it was finished , things all came to a grinding halt.

I didn’t want just another self release like my previous project, the Colin Carter-One CD which did okay but its release was limited in scope, I wanted more.

So in asking around my industry friends, I was pointed in the direction of Nick Katona of Melodic Revolution Records, and it turned out to be a perfect fit.

I came up with the music, Nick saw the possibilities, so now Melodic Revolution Records will be helping to send it out to the world to a far greater audience then I ever could.

“This new CD is more polished and focused than the “Colin Carter-One” recording, and if the songs have one thing in common through each of them, it’s a constant pulse. A dance beat! So, prepare to get those feet moving and hips swaying! “

Colin Carter Online
Profile Page:

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Melodic Revolution Records Continues to Grow with Signing International Instrumental Band T.A.P

We are thrilled to announce the addition of T.A.P a great International instrumental Progressive-rock band to the Revolution family for the bands upcoming release, Paradigms due for release early fall. The debut album will feature eight all new original composition’s and will be available in most all formats ranging from CD, Digital and even on the best streaming platforms.

T.A.P has been described as an instrumental fusion of progressive and ambient sounds with a nice touch of jazz, blues, psychedelic, and ethnic influences stirred in for perfection, featuring members of Djam Karet, The Muffins, Herd of Instinct, Fearful Symmetry, Head Joint, and Gayle Ellett & the Electromags

In a statement from the band.
T.A.P is ready to release their first album ‘Paradigms’, but were keen to ensure that the music got the best possible coverage through an agency that understands the target audience, and can provide the right channels to help with promotion and sales. It also helps if they like the music too!

Nick Katona of MRR’s first reaction was that the album is a ‘damn fine body of work’. That’s praise indeed and followed it up by signing T.A.P. Other reviews by contemporary musicians and music show hosts have supported that view, and now we are looking forward to publishing the release date

T.A.P is…
Mike Jobborn: keyboards, synth, soundscapes, drum programming
Mark Cook: Warr guitar, guitars, basses, drums, soundscapes, synths, samples, strings Suzi James: guitars, basses, oud, flute, random percussion
Gayle Ellett: keyboards – Hammond, Moog, mellotron
Paul Sears: drums, percussion
Bill Bachman: drums

T.A.P Online
Bandcamp: Coming Soon!
MRR Band profile:
Media Contact: [email protected]

Melodic Revolution Records Online

Melodic Revolution Records Signs US Instrumental Band Edison Suit 

We are thrilled to announce the signing of US instrumental band Edison Suit to the Revolution family. The band’s upcoming release, Persistence of Vision due for release on July 28, 2023.

In a statement about the signing to Melodic Revolution Records Barry Wood of Edisons Suit had this to say. 

Edison Suit’s music has never fit neatly into any genre, which has made it a challenge to find a label that was a good fit. Unlike many other labels, Melodic Revolution Records is less concerned about genre than they are with connecting fans with good music. Our material ranges from rock to prog to electronic to acoustic, so there’s a good chance MRR fans will find something that they like about what we do. We are really excited to be part of the Melodic Revolution Records family in creating “Music you didn’t know you would love!”

Edison Suit is the creative vision of Mark Smith and Barry Wood


Persistence of Vision – July 28, 2023 – Melodic Revolution Records – CD & Digital
B (2006) Self Released CD & Digital
The Ones Who Keep The Machine Functioning Smoothly (1998) Self Released CD & Digital


September Rising (2001) CD – Self Released
Tappistry Volume 2 (1998) CD – Self Released

Film & TV

Earthlings (2006)
Warrior’s Society Mountain Bike DVD (2004) 
Columbia Tristar (2000)

Edison Suit’s third album plunges further into their ethos of making electronic instruments seem organic and acoustic instruments seem electronic. Their penchant for unusual song structures and time signatures results in music that’s as surprising as it is ear-opening. 

Genre: Instrumental, Electronic, Progressive Rock


1. Eyes of Dust 05:48
2. Darkness Gives Shape to the Light 05:35
3. Deeper Into a Nether Empire 04:25
4. Breakers on the Beach of Skulls 04:34
5. The Breath of Gaea 05:56
6. Vultures of the Void 03:25
7. Chromatic Mist 04:48
8. Conceptual Mechanisms 04:36
9. To Wound the Autumnal City 04:05
10. Wednesday s Gray Hand 06:14
11. Cryptical Windings 05:22
12. A Myriad Paths of Entropy 06:51

The Band
Mark Smith: Electric, acoustic, 12-string guitar, EBow guitars, mando guitar, bass, and banjo  
Barry Wood: Keyboards, bass, Chapman Stick, lap steel, lap steel resonator, and programming 
Bret Wadams: Drums, and cymbals  
Paul McIntire: Violin

Produced by Barry Wood and Mark Smith 
Mixing, mastering, and artwork by Barry Wood at The Other Room 
© ℗ 2023 Nessus Wall Music (ASCAP)

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