British Symphonic Prog band IO Earth Launch Pre-order For Upcoming AURA Release

In a departure from their usual writing style, IO Earth’s Dave Cureton and Adam Gough have created a new album that is still progressive, still genre defying, but is more focused on the exploration and development of melody than ever before.

Dave: We usually purposefully avoid repeating phrases too much in our music. We like to keep evolving the sound even within each song, to make sure that there is constant progression and shifting of tone and emotion.

Adam: But for “Aura”, we have changed instrumentation and arrangement, rather than the melody itself. We wanted to explore the melodies deeper, allow them to take life and grow.

Dave: Like in Waterfall, the melody repeats a few times, but it’s on piano, then it’s full orchestra, then it’s a guitar solo, then it’s in 7/4 rather than 4/4.

Adam: Yeah, the textures and overall tone of the song sections are always shifting, while using the established melodies as the keystone.

The album began life as an Ambient recording, with the intention of having long tracks of relaxing sounds and sparse piano, guitar, vocals added, but as the chord structures and melodies grew, so did the songs.

Dave: We had this starting point of “let’s make an ambient album”, but we never actually put limitations on our writing. If a song calls for drums, bass and a guitar solo, then that will happen.

Adam: … and in many cases for Aura, that is just what happened. We had these atmospheric pieces, that needed a vocal line or a string section. So we added them, and the songs just kept evolving. There are still elements that are atmospheric, but they are the exception now, rather than the majority!

While writing this material, Dave and Adam had wondered now to introduce this style to their fan base. Suggestions like “Slow Prog” came to mind, but in the end, they decided that the varying of style and the mixture of genres has always been what IO Earth is about, and this is actually simply an extension of that concept. So rather than trying to add yet another label to the already over-pigeon-holed world of music, they just added the tagline:

Aura – Prog that even your wife will like!

IO Earth – AURA Tracklist

  1. Aura
  2. Waterfall
  3. Breathe
  4. Resonance I
  5. Circles
  6. Shadows
  7. Resonance II
  8. The Rain

All Music Composed by: Dave Cureton & Adam Gough Recorded, Mixed & Mastered by: Dave Cureton & Adam Gough Produced by Dave Cureton & Adam Gough
Recorded at IO Earth Studios Birmingham UK

Album Art & Photography by: Wendy Hagenbeek


Dave Cureton
Lead, Rhythm, Bass & Acoustic Guitars, Lead & Backing vocals, Percussion, Keyboards, Programming

Adam Gough
Keyboards, Theremin, Acoustic Guitar, Backing vocals, Programming

Luke Shingler Flute

Tim Wilson Drums

Rosanna Lefevre
Lead & Backing Vocals

Christian Nokes Bass Guitar

Jez King Violin

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IO Earth announcement: New drummer in IO EARTH

We ask you all to help us welcome Tim Wilson to the band – and to the IO Earth family. Tim will be taking his place behind the drum kit and injecting his own style and flamboyancy into IO Earth. His high energy is really bringing a fresh feel to the music that we are all excited to share with you.

Tim: “It is a true privilege to have been invited to join the amazing IO Earth family. The band make a fantastic noise with a real sense of musical adventure and do everything with gusto, dedication and energy, especially when live. Most importantly, they are such jovial people and have a bonkers sense of humour, so I knew I was going to fit right in.”

Adam: “While it’s never easy to change band members, it has been a pleasure getting to know Tim recently. His enthusiasm and energy have felt like a real shot in the arm for IO Earth, and I can’t wait to get him up to speed with the entire back catalogue so we can start pulling out some unexpected tunes, showcasing his technical ability as well as his performing style.”

Dave: “Tim’s enthusiasm for music is very refreshing. The joy of music pours out of him and it’s a great energy to be around. Not only is he a phenomenal drummer, but he fits right in with IO Earth and our quirky sense of humour. I am looking forward for the IO Earth family to see Tim at an IO Earth show very soon.”

We would like to take this time to thank drummer CJ Jerromes and extend our gratitude to him for the great work he has done for us and wish him every success in his future endeavours. ‘New World’ & ‘Solitude’ wouldn’t have been the same without his incredible talent!

Peace & Love from IO Earth 

In related news, IO Earth will be performing at this years ProgStock in Rahway, NJ this fall.

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Friday, October 11th 2019
3.2 featuring Robert Berry
Salem Hill
Special set by Rachel Flowers and Chris Clark of Brand X
Late-night: Progressive Coffeehouse at The Waiting Room Restaurant featuring Melanie Mau and Martin Schnella

Saturday, October 12th, 2019
Brand X
IO Earth
Rocket Scientists
Jane Getter Premonition
Special set by Rachel Flowers and Robert Berry
Late-night: Randy McStine and Last Call Live on the Mainstage at UCPAC

Sunday, October 13th, 2019
Joe Deninzon & Stratospheerius
The Cyberiam
Special set by Rachel Flowers and Michael Sadler of SAGA
Late-Night: Kinetic Element at The Waiting Room Restaurant

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IO Earth are excited to introduce you to a new member of the IO Earth Family!

Please help us welcome Rosanna Lefevre to the fold! Rosanna is an amazing young vocalist, age 22 from Wolverhampton, UK. Discovered by Steve Cooper , a lecturer at Wolverhampton University. Whilst studying for her Masters Degree in Music, she currently works part time at our rehearsal space. She has a rare passion for music, and is constantly searching for higher opportunities that will challenge and help her evolve as a person and artist. Her vocal style mixes classic blues rock with ethereal beauty. Her voice will bring a whole new dimension to IO Earth’s 4th studio album, announced for 2017.

Rosanna Lefevre

Rosanna: “I feel both incredibly lucky and happy to be joining the fantastic IO Earth. I am humbled to have been given the chance to work with such talented and down to earth people, musicians and songwriters. I can’t wait to get to know the bands awesome fan base around the world. I truly believe that this is the beginning of an amazing adventure for us all. Can’t wait to see you on the road and start this exciting journey together, Rosanna.”

Dave: “Rosanna has a very mature approach to music and working with a vocalist that is this musical is a treat and it feels like she has always been there. It has been great fun working with Rosie at the rehearsals as she has a fantastic vibe and is very driven. I’m sure that our IO Earth family will embrace her and welcome her with open arms”.

Adam: “We’re all so excited to introduce Rosanna to the IOEarth Family. It feels like we’ve discovered a real gem, right under our noses here in Birmingham! At her audition, she blew us away, turning up ready to sing over 70 minutes of IOEarth material! We can’t wait to bring her to your neck of the woods.”

Welcome to the IO Earth Family, Rosanna!

Peace & Love…. Daveydoo, G-Force, CJ, the Lord, Jez, Nokesy & Wooster