Power of Prog Essential Albums of 2022

2022 was another year for some fantastic Prog and Prog-related releases, we hope that you will check out these brilliant artists and show your support by purchasing their music, swag, and tours.

Album Cover ArtAlbum Information
Number 1
Artist – Captain Of The Lost Waves
Title – Hidden Gems Chapter 3
Label – Independent Release
Listen on – Bandcamp
Number 2
Artist – Soen
Title – Atlantis
Label – Silver Lining Music
Listen On – YouTube
Number 3
Artist – Moura
Title – Axexan, espreitan
Label – Spinda Records
Listen On – Bandcamp
Number 4
Artist – Jazz Sabbath
Title – Vol. 2
Label – Independent Release
Listen On – Bandcamp
Number 5
Artist – Birth
Title – Born
Label – Bad Omen Records
Listen On – Bandcamp
Number 6
Artist – Kula Shaker
Title – 1st Congregational Church Of Eternal Love And Free Hugs 
Label – Strange Folk Records
Listen On – YouTube
Number 7
Artist – Envy Of None
Title – Envy Of None
Label – Kscope Music
Listen On – Bandcamp
Number 8
Artist – Rani
Title – Shakti
Label – Independent Release
Listen On – Bandcamp
Number 9
Artist – David Longdon
Title – Door One
Label – English Electric Recordings
Listen On – YouTube
Number 10
Artist – Mike Florio
Title – Artifacts Vol. 2
Label – Independent Release
Listen On – Hearnow

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2DAYS PROG + 1 Festival and Jazz Sabbath News!

Like last year, the Festival will be held in the Revislate sports field. We know that many have appreciated the possibility of being able to reserve a seat: this year we ask you for a symbolic amount (2 euros per evening or 3-night pass for 5 euros) to be able to support the cost of renting the chairs.

You can get tickets here: https://bit.ly/3zBrpRd

News also on the Jazz front: on Saturday 10th September the Antonio Faraò Trio and Jazz Sabbath (led by Adam Wakeman, son of the legendary Rick Wakeman) will play for us! In this case, admission is free and no reservation is required.

We are waiting for you, as always, numerous and numerous!

  • Staff Ver1 Music