Sgt Tenchipoos Lonely Blimey Allstar Band Head To Mexico For Debut

Sgt, Tenchipoos Lonely Blimey Band is a ten-piece band, not really a new band or super-group and yet in many ways, they are both. and together they have recorded “Mexico” a fantastic tribute to beautiful human being musician and friend.

Lyrics & music by Stef Flaming

The band features founder composer multi-instrumentalist Stef Flaming (Murky Red Transmission Rails), Pasi Koivu, (Corvus Stone, Colin Tench Project,Psychedelic Eye), Joey Lugassy (BunChakeze, Colin Tench Project and 2 time Emmy nominee), Petri Lindström (Petri Lindström Project, Progeland, Corvus Stone, Colin Tench Project), Peter Jones(Tiger Moth Tales, Red Bazar, Colin Tench Project), Eddie Young (Commercial Artist & Solo), Gordo Bennett (GorMusic, Colin Tench Project), Yolanda Flaming (Murky Red), Kim Mercken (Murky Red) Christo Pellani (Air Supply, Nina Hagen, Soundscape Pyramids)

In a statement from founding member & composer Stef Flaming.
A little while after Colin’s passing, a selection of musicians who worked with him over the years, lined up to form a tribute band to honor their lost friend. 

The track ‘Mexico’ was already written around 2015/2016, after a conversation with Colin about the joys of just playing guitar, and the lack of time to do so. It was meant as a musical playground with mood changes, tempo changes, and it was kept basic so he had plenty of open space to jam on. Whenever he wanted to, no deadlines, no intention of doing anything with it. Just for fun.

The lyrics are all about Colin, his BunBabes, his legendary BentleyMoaning Lisa, and because it was during his ‘Mexican period’, the title had to be ‘Mexico

Colin was always busy releasing and working on new albums, we all know his amazing legacy, and sadly he isn’t with us anymore to play on his track.

After his passing it was obvious that many musicians wanted to honor Colin, so Sonia Mota longtime friend and digital artist for Corvus StoneOceans5, Colin TenchProject, and Progeland came up with the plan of inviting former band members to fill in the open space on ‘Mexico’.

All invited musicians confirmed immediately and during the past year, I received breathtaking musical contributions which lifted the naked song up to a worthy Colin Tench-level.

It was such a joy to hear the love and effort everybody put into their parts, a big thank you to all of them for making this happen. It is an honour to work with such top-notch musicians.

Because of his love for the Beatles and his humoristic way of life, we named our tribute band ‘Sgt Tenchipoos. Lonely Blimey Band’. After all, it is a happy song, written for him while he still was amongst us nincompoops, making us all happy.

For this release, we are only missing percussions due to busy schedules, but now, a year after his passing, it is time to hand it over to his family, friends and fans. Later in 2019, an updated version will follow with the promised percussions.

Stef Flaming

Release Date is planed for January 11th, 2019

Sgt. Tenchipoos Lonely Blimey Band
Pasi Koivu – Hammond lead, 
Petri Lindström – bass,
Joey Lugassy – vocals,
Peter Jones – vocals, backing vocals, acoustic guitars, bleeps, and felines,
Eddie Young – cello,
Gordo Bennett – guitars and orchestral,
Yolanda Flaming – vocals,
Kim Mercken – vocals  
Stef Flaming – vocals, guitars, keys, drums

Christo Pellani – percussion (to be recorded later)

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