Avenoth By La Bocca Della Verità Now Available

Avenoth is concept album almost 80 minutes long consisting of various movements, changing atmospheres, and all the right ingredients for those who appreciate prog of the 70s to today.


01. Intro 2161 (0:07)
02. Ouverture (1:56)
03. Contro Luna E Luce (4:11)
04. Il Pianeta Vuoto (6:02)
05. Due Game Come Noi (7:40)
06. Il Pianeta Ostile (3:32)
07. Voyager 1977 (0:30)
08. Avenoth (8:12)
09. La Festa (4:00)
10. Antico (2:30)
11. La Deportazione Degli Avenothiani (9:55)
12. La Rivolta (8:38)
13. Il Massacro Dei Terrestri (4:16)
14. Perduto Avenoth (5:49)
15. Reprise – (speranze Distorte) (10:21)

Genre: Progressive Rock
Label: Fading Records
Format: CD & Digital
Release date: November, 2016

La Bocca Della Verità
Jimmy Bax: Hammond, Mellotron, ARP Prosoloist, Digital Synth, Piano & Backing Vocals
Massimo Di Paola: Piano, Keyboards, Synths & Backing Vocals
Fabrizio Marziani: Lead Vocals, Rhythm Guitar, 12 String Guitar & Flute
Roberto Bucci : Lead Guitar & Backing Vocals
Ivan Marziani : Drums & Percussions
Guglielmo Mariotti: Bass, Moog Taurus, 6 & 12 String Guitar & Backing Vocals

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One Love! Music for Relief Release Date Announced

One Love… Music for Relief COVER by Ed Unitsky(2)

Melodic Revolution Records has brought together a collection of the best musicians from around the world to participate in the charity release “One Love! Music for Relief” which will be made available on September 9th 2016 via There is Hope Records a charity sub-label of Melodic Revolution Records.

Melodic Revolution Records strives to not only promote and release creative works of music by many of the best up and coming artists, but to also help those in need in our community and around the globe. The music donated will help raise money for the recent events in Baton Rouge Louisiana which has experienced catastrophic flooding and the devastating earthquake that struck Amatrice , and surrounding communities in the central region of Italy.

We were gratified by the outpouring of support from the music community. When we put forth a call to action for track donations to support – One Love! Music for Relief, t he immediate reaction from the musicians was “Yes we want to help anyway we can!” After the official announcement of One Love! Music for Relief, many more artists reached out in wanting to lend their support and the result is a digital album that has almost 3 hours of music with 30+ artists.

Our hope is that this release will not only raise some of the much needed money to help the survivors of these tragedies and their families, we also hope to continue to focus awareness on the human aspect of our existence long after the fickle media cycle has moved on. Yes there are natural disasters, unfortunately there is no short supply of these, but it is how we humans come together that is the true miracle of our existence. We cannot let these events S fall off our radar, we must continue to support our fellow humans as they begin to rebuild their lives. So yes the earthquake in Central Italy and catastrophic flooding in Louisiana have abated, but now the road to rebuilding has begun and we know that support will be needed for some time to come, There is Hope Records wants to ensure that support continues.

Music can be purchased at:

We would like to encourage everyone to help promote this project on social media and those with a website we encourage to add a link or embed the player on your site.
Thank you!

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Where Does The Money Go?

Minus PayPal and/or credit card transactions; 100% of money will be donated to… and split between Habitat for Humanity and The Red Cross.

Artwork by Ed Unitsky

Music Donated By:

Architecture Of The Absurd – Progressive Rock / Spain

Barock Project – Symphonic Prog / Modena, Italy

Circuline – Progressive Rock / NY, USA

Comedy of Errors – Progressive Rock / UK

Dark Beauty – Symphonic Gothic Progressive Rock / NJ, USA

Darrel Treece-Birch – Ambient Prog Rock / Lancashire, UK

Drifting Sun – Progressive Rock / UK

Gordo Bennett – Progressive Rock, Ambient / New York, USA

ifsounds – Art Rock – Crossover Progressive Rock / Italy

Jack and The Jukebox – Art Rock / New York, USA

Jack Potter – Progressive Rock / NY, USA

Jim Morris – Instrumental Rock / MI, USA

Karibow – Neo-Progressive Rock / Germany

Kinetic Element – Symphonic Prog / VA, USA

La Bocca della Verità – Progressive Rock / Italy

Marco Ragni – Proggressive Rock, Psychedelic / Italy

Mary Reynaud – Folk Pop / Lyon France & Franck Carducci – Psychedelic Rock / Netherlands
www.maryreynaudmusic.com and www.franckcarducci.com

Nth Ascension – Progressive Rock / UK

Pathos – Progressive Stoner Rock / Brazil

Pinnacle – Progressive Rock / Pennsylvania, USA

Phideaux – Progressive Rock / LA, USA

Rizengard – Progressive Rock Fusion / Mexico

Robeone – Jazz, Blues, Rock, New Age / NY, USA

Sailor Free – Art Rock Crossover Prog / Italy

Sixth Sense – Modern Metal / Russia

Sonus Umbra – Progressive Rock / IL, USA

Steve Bonino – Rock & Progressive / CA, USA

Susan Clynes – Art-Pop, Progressive Pop, Jazz, Classical / Belgium

The Aaron Clift Experiment – Progressive Rock / TX, USA

Time Horizon – Crossover Prog / CA, USA

TYRO – Progressive Fusion Rock / Chile

United Progressive Fraternity ( UPF) Progressive Rock / International / Australia