ANUBIS GATE announces New Album “Covered in Colours” to be released April 24th on NIGHTMARE RECORDS.

After recording the dark and introspective album “Covered in Black” the band needed a counterweight album, so they decided to release an album of tracks they were greatly inspired by in their youth, careers and by contemporaries…
They believe it’s a cover album like no other cover album you’ve ever heard!

Just as much care has gone into “Covered in Colours” as any other Anubis Gate album.
Guitarist Kim Olesen had this to say; …being the old serious people that are, we consciously strove to avoid the obvious pitfalls of metal-band does cover versions.
Instead, the band has treated these amazing songs like they were their own and almost all of them are completely rearranged.

The album is neatly divided into five corners. You can sit in your favorite corner, be comfortable in others, while there may be a corner from which you don’t care for the view. And just like any old grumpy prog listener, you might get the chance to say “They’ve gone too far”.

Some might ask what on earth the band was thinking… why did they do this? So here’s a little Q & A from their own minds.

Is this an essential Anubis Gate Album? YES! “Though it didn’t feel like it when we first started the project, it became essential when it became clear that this was not just a couple of songs, but a full-blown album project in its own right”.

But why? “Because we trust the process to deliver the answers. After going through the therapy that Covered in Black was, a wave of productivity came over us. And a couple of songs meant as B- sides for future singles became an E.P. But then the project became a runaway train and it ended up being the longest album we’ve ever done”.

Are you serious? “Of course we are, recording and rearranging those songs was seriously fun, but also funnily serious”!

Did you really need to spend time and energy on this project? “Yes. It would be safe to say that without this album the next one would not happen”.

Starters :
1. Still life in Mobile Homes (by Japan)
2. Red (by King Crimson)
3. Plantage (by Under Byen)

The Jazz-Metal Lounge:
4. Experiment (by Voivod)
5. Chromazone (by Mike Stern)
6. Glamour Profession (by Steely Dan)

The beautiful ones:
7. Entangled (by Genesis)
8. Atlas (by Coldplay)

The eighties corner:
9. To France (by Mike Oldfield)
10. Fade to Grey (by Visage)
11. S.A.T.O. (by Ozzy Osbourne)

No, they didn’t… :
12. Aggressive Perfector (by Slayer)
13. Back in Black (by AC/DC)
14. Strawberry Fields Forever (by The Beatles)