OPEROSE to Release 2nd Album “Oceans of Starlight”

OPEROSE is a new symphonic progressive metal band from the United Kingdom, featuring the voice of rising opera sensation Jennifer Coleman.

How would you describe your new album Musically?
We really took the feedback from the first album on board and as such OCEANS OF STARLIGHT is a lot more commercial and in line with what is expected in the Symphonic Metal genre.  The debut possibly tried too hard to be different and it was, therefore, important to transform what was a classical/metal cross over concept into a fully-fledged symphonic outfit.  Experienced musicians were added to the line-up and production team and a lot of work went into writing new tracks.  The end product is heavier with a lot more symphonic elements and variety.  The whole album tells a story from start to finish and work also went into making sure there was space for the listener to take a breather rather than being bombarded with heavy track after heavy track.   

And please tell me something about the lyrical concept of the album:
One thing that did work well in the debut was the concept story, paying tribute to the Opera theme of the band.  We, therefore, wanted to involve the fans and held a vote for them to decide what the lyrical concept should be for our new album.  It was a landslide victory for Cleopatra.  We then based the whole album on this and focused on the Battle of Actium and subsequent demise of Cleopatra.  

How long did it take to record and write this album?
The whole process was a little over a year.  After identifying that we wanted to work with Markus Teske for the production, we booked a realistic studio slot that gave a year deadline to write and record everything.  I actually tend to commission the artwork first as it always inspires me to write music that fits the concept.  We recorded the vocals at the end in August 2019 before being mixed and mastered in Germany in September.

What was the goal of making this album? 
The ultimate goal of this album is to be enjoyed and accepted in a fantastic symphonic metal genre and we really hope it achieves this. The first album was about trying to do something different in a crowded genre, this was about showing we can still be unique but in a way that is true to the genre.  We are hoping it resonates with a lot of new fans, especially as the vocals are catchier and layered more with a bigger overall production.  The debut deliberately had a solo tracked vocal to be in line with a more classical genre but it has been layered where necessary on this album to add more dynamics and suit the new sound we wanted to achieve.  The whole dynamic of guitars and vocals also collaborates more rather than competes, which was a challenge at times in the debut.   

What would you say are your musical Influences?
The album is maybe not as progressive as the first and was trying to take inspiration from many sources.  Prog is my go-to genre but some great symphonic bands such as Nightwish, Kamelot, Amberian Dawn, and Stratovarius no doubt inspired. Many classical composers also played a huge role in the neoclassical instrumental track to close the album.

How have band member changes affected the band’s sound and dynamics i.e. what have the new members brought to the band?
The new members made an immediate impact, bringing experience and fresh impetus.  We recruited Steve Hauxwell as a new drummer and Mike Bridge in on bass and I felt it very important to give them free reign to add their own stamp onto the tracks and it worked very well.  The sound is so much bigger than the debut with regards to production but the performance also benefited from the fact that we each had clear roles, time and space to add value to the tracks.  

1- Battle Swan
2- Oceans of Starlight
3- Lost Horizon
4- This Life of Mine
5- Nothing Left
6- On Sleeping Tides
7- Octavian
8- The Actium Suite

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