Boyfriend and girlfriend duo Rose Coyote share atmospheric cover album ‘Goddess Cloaked in Stars’

Rose Coyote is a boyfriend/girlfriend duo that has been building momentum with their third album ‘Goddess Cloaked in Stars’. Mostly covers, the duo cover a wide variety of bands and genres, adding their own outer space sounds mixed with ultra modern electronic production, Rose Coyote has created an atmosphere that cannot be understated.

‘Goddess Cloaked in Stars’ is a sonic exploration that delves into a number of styles showcasing that several different musical sounds can exist harmoniously with one another. With outer space sounds, atmospheric themes, and head-nodding percussion, the duo has crafted something highly individual and captivating.

Twelve tracks deep, ‘Goddess Cloaked in Stars’ is a mix of covers ranging from Queen and David Bowie’s ‘Under Pressure’, Cat Stevens ‘Father & Son to Blink 182’s ‘Easy Target’, the duo showcase a wide variety of covers including an original as the final track titled ’80s Night-Drive Through Hell (Mario’s Inferno). Rose Coyote has an excellent sense of balance with their production and they’ve created something truly memorable and engaging. For each track, there is a fanvid style music video created.

Bursting with a potent mix of atmospheric energy and a remarkable talent to add their own innovative style to these classic songs, Rose Coyote are pushing boundaries and setting themselves apart from their contemporaries. ‘Goddess Cloaked in Stars’ is a vibrant, brave and forward-thinking effort by a band that is worth paying close attention to. They are working on an all-originals album.

Tracklist for “Goddess Cloaked in Stars”:

1) Brandy, You’re a Fine Girl [Looking Glass]
2) Under Pressure [David Bowie & Queen]
3) Gypsies, Tramps, & Thieves [Cher]
4) So, You are a Star [the Hudson Brothers]
5) Saturday Night [Misfits]
6) Father & Son [Cat Stevens]
7) Hybrid Moments [Misfits]
8) How Do You Do? [Mouth & MacNeal]
9) Easy Target [blink-182]
10) Beautiful Sunday [Daniel Boone]
11) Should’ve Been a Space Cowboy [Toby Keith]
12) ’80s Night-Drive Trough Hell (Mario’s Inferno) [Rose Coyote]