Marco Ragni releases “Looking Through a Kaleidoscope”

We are thrilled to announce that Marco returns with his second solo album on the heals of his very well received album “Oceans of Thought” released just a few months ago (June 2019) 

“Looking Through a Kaleidoscope” was originally recorded in late 1996 / early 1997 and then remastered and re-arranged with some small overdubs in 2019 featuring 11 songs with one of them being a bonus track recorded in 2015. 

Check out the first single “Janis Through the Fields”

Marco says “Looking Through a Kaleidoscope” is a Psychedelic Pop Rock album with a few touches ethnic and funk, here and there!

1. Janis Through the Fields 
2. Planet Madness (video edit) 
3. Calcutta’s Thoughts 
4. The Magic Mixture
5. I Can Always Leave You Back
6. Garden of Mythrop 
7. She’s Daydreaming 
8. Orange and Purple 
9. Looking Through a Kaleidoscope
10. Kaleido
11. Milioni di Colori 

Marco Ragni : Vocals, electric and acoustic guitars, keyboards, bozouky, bass, drum programming. 
Paolo Ambroso : Lead guitar on 4-7 
Jacopo Ghirardini : Drums on 2-4-7-10 
Giulio Rendini: Violin on 6 
Avid Mirash : Sitar on 3 
Dave Newhouse : Flute on 9 
Massimiliano Ferrari : Backing vocals on 1 
Cristina Ghirardello : Backing vocals on 1

Remastered and rearranged by Marco Ragni in August 2019 at Sunflower Studios – Italy

Pre-orders are available now, with special offer of 30% OFF!

In related news Marco has started working with his new band Mind Overclock a side project for a 2020 release.

In the meantime you can download “Riders of the skies – part one.” 
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Label: Melodic Revolution Records (US) 
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