Mariusz Duda to Release Single

Art by Travis Smith

Before I play the first concerts of the last leg of the “Wasteland Tour” with Riverside, and before I reveal some information about the new, seventh Lunatic Soul album, on which I’ve been working for a year, let me share with you the title of the first-ever song I’m going to release under “MD”.

“The Song of a Dying Memory”. It is the beginning of a special cycle I’m calling “subcutaneous songs”, or “adherent songs”. New compositions will be released every few months and they will be characterized by… a gentler form and low-key vocals (at least the first two of them )

“Subcutaneous songs” signed by my own name will be released only digitally for now. Thanks to that I will be able to share them with you during the breaks between Riverside and Lunatic Soul activities, without causing chaos or interference with the other musical worlds.

With the release of the first song, you will also be able to visit a new website, where all my music achievements are finally organized in one place.

The release of “The Song of a Dying Memory” has been planned for mid-March. More information will follow soon!


Riverside release first single “Vale Of Tears” off upcoming “Wasteland” album

Polish Rock masters RIVERSIDE will release their seventh studio album “Wasteland” via InsideOutMusic on September 28th, 2018 and are therefore now launching its first single outtake “Vale Of Tears”, enhancing the physical pre-order start of the album.

Check out “Vale Of Tears” here:

Or stream it here:

RIVERSIDE’s line-up and the credits for “Vale Of Tears” as follows:
Mariusz Duda – vocals, electric guitar, bass, piccolo bass
Piotr Kozieradzki – drums
Michał Łapaj – keyboards and Hammond Organ

Guitar solo by Mateusz Owczarek
Music and lyrics by Mariusz Duda
Artwork by Travis Smith
Clip by Tomasz Pulsakowski / Sightsphere

The track-listing for RIVERSIDE “Wasteland” album reads as follows:

RIVERSIDE – “Wasteland”:
1. The Day After
2. Acid Rain
3. Vale Of Tears
4. Guardian Angel
5. Lament
6. The Struggle For Survival
7. River Down Below
8. Wasteland
9. The Night Before

Next to the standard edition of “Wasteland“ as Jewel case CD, CD Digipak, and Digital Album, the release will also be available as limited edition Mediabook CD (with extended booklet, a bonus track radio edit version and a set of 3 stickers) and as Gatefold 2LP (on 180gr. vinyl with the album on CD as bonus and an Etching of the D-Side).

The various editions and limitations of the vinyl release are as follows:
Black 2LP+CD: Unlimited
Clear 2LP+CD: 100x copies / IOM Webshop Europe
Silver 2LP+CD: 100x copies / IOM Webshop Europe
Golden 2LP+CD: 100x copies / Laser’s Edge – IOM Webshop USA
Lilac 2LP+CD: 200x copies / JPC Germany
Dark Green 2LP+CD: 300x copies / Burning Shed UK
White 2LP+CD: 300x copies / CM Distro Europe

Pre-order “Wasteland“ in your format of choice of choice from the IOM webstore here:
Or from other locations here:

Attention: The digital pre-order option for “Wasteland” will start next week, on August 3rd.

RIVERSIDE’s Mariusz Duda checked in with the following comment about the album’s overall concept: I’d been thinking about exploring “post-apocalyptic” regions for a long time. I read books, watched films, played video games, all connected by stories about an attempt to survive in a world that had just ended. But writing such a story myself didn’t make much sense until now. RIVERSIDEare starting a new chapter and after our recent experiences, a story like that has gained more meaning. “Wasteland” is mostly about what’s happening in the world these days but it also makes a reference to the tragedy that befell the band in 2016. Musically, we’ve returned to darker sounds but we have also turned a new page and recorded the album in a different style. It’s still RIVERSIDE but expressed in a much deeper and more mature way. Most artists say the same thing while promoting their new releases: that they have just created their best work to date. I won’t say that because everything we have done so far has been consistently very good and unique. But I will say that we have never had such an incredible emotional load on any of our previous releases, and it’s not likely that we will ever make such a charged album again. “Wasteland” is an epic, multidimensional, poetic and very deep album. Perhaps of the once in a lifetime kind.”

RIVERSIDE’s “Wasteland” marks the first studio album effort with newly composed music after the tragic passing of founding member and guitarist Piotr Grudziński on February 21st, 2016.

RIVERSIDE will be embarking on the “Wasteland 2018 Tour” in October/November to support the release of their upcoming album. Here are the dates:

RIVERSIDE – “Wasteland 2018 Tour”:
12.10.2018 Gdansk (Poland) – B90
13.10.2018 Poznan (Poland) – Tama
14.10.2018 Wroclaw (Poland) – A2
16.10.2018 Katowice (Poland) – Miasto Ogrodów
17.10.2018 Lódz (Poland) – Magnetofon
18.10.2018 Torun (Poland) – Od Nowa
20.10.2018 Kraków (Poland) – Studio
21.10.2018 Warszawa (Poland) – Hala Kolo
30.10.2018 Berlin (Germany) – Kesselhaus
31.10.2018 Schorndorf (Germany) – Manufaktur
03.11.2018 Lisbon (Portugal) – LAV
04.11.2018 Madrid (Spain) – MON LIVE
05.11.2018 Barcelona (Spain) – Salamandra 1
06.11.2018 Lyon (France) – CCO
07.11.2018 Paris (France) – La Machine
09.11.2018 Manchester (UK) – Academy 2
10.11.2018 London (UK) – The Electric Ballroom
11.11.2018 Sint-Niklaas (Belgium) – Casino
12.11.2018 Utrecht (The Netherlands) – TivoliVredenburg
14.11.2018 Hamburg (Germany) – Markthalle
15.11.2018 Oberhausen (Germany) – Turbinenhalle 2
16.11.2018 Pratteln (Switzerland) – Z7
17.11.2018 Neunkirchen (Germany) – Gloomaar Festival

RIVERSIDE – Festivals 2019:
04.-09.02.2019 Tampa to Key West & Cozumel – Cruise To The Edge
More dates to follow soon…



INSIDEOUTMUSIC Spotify Playlist:

Mariusz Duda Announces New Lunatic Soul Album

I know it’s not healthy, but I’m really sorry – it’s just stronger than me.

I am very pleased to inform you that a brand-new music of lunatic soul will appear in the form of a new album (there, mini, or ep – let’s forget pleasantries – an album full of mouth just ) already on may 25, 2018. The Graphic Robe Designed A very talented colleague, Jarek Kubicki, whose work I respect very much, and with whom I have already worked with the trio of mgds, recorded and helped with the picture of the whole as usual magda and Robert Srzedniccy of Warsaw Studio Serakos, in one of the songs on drums played Lorenzo Dramowicz, and I took care of myself. And you know what? It’s a very nice record. In the company of the previous one, which is ” fractured “, only now I have this image of the new ” Red ” Lunatic Soul I mean.

You can already order just have to look I’ll throw links, it’s mark z. He’ll make sure max 4 people see it, so I’m just bragging… and I wish you a nice weekend!
– Mariusz Duda

announces new

According to a posting by Kscope

2018 studio release Under The Fragmented Sky marks the 10th anniversary of Lunatic Soul.


Lunatic Soul is Mariusz Duda, the talented creator, singer and multi-instrumentalist behind Riverside. Under The Fragmented Sky is Duda’s sixth studio album as Lunatic Soul and follows the acclaimed Fractured (both were recorded at the same time whilst Mariusz was facing tragic events in his personal life).

Under the Fragmented Sky rebuilds Lunatic Soul as we know it, with dark and haunting atmospheres coming to the forefront. Duda explains “Fractured was not a full picture of the latest Lunatic Soul recordings. These more classical pieces have been waiting for their own time which has now come.”
Recorded during the Fractured sessions and completed in early 2018, Under the Fragmented Sky is a supplement to Fractured as well being an artistically independent release with its own identity.

180g clear vinyl in gatefold. All orders through Burning Shed come with an exclusive digital download of the entire album from the release date (25th May) which will be available on the account page.

“Duda’s clearly endured, making real art out of his adversity.” – Classic Rock

“It’s often like the best film music… honours the Pink Floyd branches of the Porcupine Tree.” – Prog Magazine


1. He av en [4:05]
2. Trials [5:44]
3. Sorrow [1:30]
4. Under The Fragmented Sky [5:03]
1. Shadows [4:31]
2. Rinsing The Night [3:56]
3. The Art Of Repairing [7:54]
4. Untamed [3:24]

Lunatic Soul’s new album Fractured news!

According to a post on facebook by Mariusz Duda

When I got back from the riverside tour, I went straight to the serakos studio to shut down the new lunatic soul album. Came today 🙂
I am pleased to announce that after more than one written journey through various types of intersection, popękania and breaking to pieces and after the recent study marathons successfully reached the end.