Only 8 Weeks to MWROC! Have YOU registered yet?

Join us from July 9 – 15 for a great opportunity to work and perform intensively with Mark Wood and his world-class team of Artist Mentors!

With programs for string players, singers, guitarists, and electric bass players – including Teacher Training with Mark Wood’s groundbreaking new curriculum – this is NOT a ‘typical’ summer music experience on any level. We guarantee it will broaden your musical horizons and inspire you to great creative heights.

As a string player, you’ll learn:

  • Contemporary techniques such as chopping, strum bowing, and slide vibrato
  • Ear training methods utilizing your own i-device to record yourself and analyze your playing
  • Exploring improvising with pentatonic scales, finger patterns, playing over loops, and more
  • Introduction to electric string instruments with demo stations so you can try them out
  • Everything you wanted to know about how to use pedals and effects
  • How to record your own music video

As a singer, you’ll learn:

  • How to create your own unique stage persona  
  • How to own the spotlight and the stage
  • Movement methods to keep your performance energetic and exciting
  • Vocal techniques that will give you stamina and strength
  • How to improvise melodies and write songs
  • How to work with small ensembles as a lead singer

Watch “Planet Jackson,” our finale from MWROC 2017!




Hope to see you or someone you love at MWROC Music Festival this summer!

Peace and love from everyone here at Mark Wood Music Headquarters!