Interview w / Steffany Johnston – Vocalist Masqued

Interview w / Steffany Johnston – Vocalist Masqued

Houston Texas now has to its credit a progressive metal band that owns my Top 10 Progressive Metal Albums Of 2017 with Masqued -The Light In The Dark.  Coming off a year where the area has damaged on a wide scale to Hurricane Harvey the band Masqued puts out a very positive and uplifting progressive metal album that seems to be lacking in the genre at times. Well this is not the case if Masqued’s lead vocalist Steffany Johnston has something to do with it. Trained at the University Of Houston in Voice and Music and expressing her lyrical ideas with a lifetime of experience at her back Steffany Johnston brings a level of positive enlightenment  in the bands debut album The Light In The Dark.

She recently gave Power Of Prog some precious time with the interview you will read below. Bands like Nightwish, Epica, Within Temptation and Delain are on notice that another band with a powerful minstrel are on the way up.

First of all Steffany it is great to have you here at Power of Prog. Welcome !

1) This is one of the more obvious questions, what or who influenced your journey into music and how young were you when that had taken hold of you?

It always did. As far back as I could remember, I always knew what I was going to do since I was 4. The first song I remember writing was when I was 6 years old. I always wrote songs. When I got a little older they would come to me in my sleep and in the middle of taking test, when I would write papers, when I would watch t.v., when I would eat, when I was driving. I can’t tell you how many times I had to pull over to write, record or notate my song ideas. I remember being late for things because an incredible song idea would appear as I am getting ready to leave for some event. It was a blessing and a curse all rolled into one lol. I also started playing piano when I was 6 and continued throughout the years and still do today aside of the band, and at the age of 12 I started playing the guitar. I would lock myself away in my room chunking away at rhythms and lifting metal guitar solos. When I was 18 I got a bass and bought some recording gear and would be late for dinner due to writing and recording original songs. I knew that one day I would form a band when I was old enough. I remember running an add in the paper when I was 14 years old, looking for other musicians to start a band with. When I turned 20 I started making a living playing bass guitar and singing locally and internationally. I have performed in numerous bands through out the years and am now grateful to have my place as the vocalist of Masqued.

2. Are you formally trained in music and if so where did you begin your study?

Yes, I have a Vocal Performance/Music degree from the University of Houston. Studying vocal performance, orchestration, arranging and opera. I would perform with the orchestra and with many famous conductors one of them being world renknown Robert Shaw.
I remember driving to school listening to Jazz and fusion then staying at the university all day practicing classical music with the chorus and opera then heading off to practice or to gigs with my rock band. I was like “where do I really fit in? I liked it all and wanted to do it all, I remember feeling so different from most of the people I knew.

3. Do you have any influences outside music that influences any instrumental or lyrical passages in your music?

I believe everything I have encountered over the years has embedded itself in some way in my state of being and comes out to play in my writing. I see a lot of injustice all around and it affects me deeply. Its hard to keep silent when I can demand better for myself and others, to fight for a noble cause or to see the hurting and to bring them a sense of hope. We are all human and are in this mad house together.

4. Your debut album The Light In The Dark is loaded with a lot of very positive and uplifting music, this is something that is becoming lost in the metal or progressive metal communities. Where do you get your lyrical inspirations from?

I feel that there is so much darkness and chaos in the world that it is important to present the trials and then provide a solution, a way of resolve. Music is so powerful, it can give you the will power and strength to get up out of bed after suffering spells of hopelessness from a loss, an injury or failure, sparking new life into you that inspires you to live on. Music also has the power to curse you, to sentence you further into despair when your already down, sometimes so much so that you lose the will to live. You have to be careful with words…there is so much power in what you allow into your mind on a daily basis via words/lyrics and what you speak out into existence. Our themes lyrically are those of liberation, speaking out against hate crimes, fighting for our freedom, finding hope and the strength to live when you have lost the will. We are not going to just lay down and die. Its all powerful stuff. I have heard numerous testimonies of people finding solace in our music. It makes me feel like this is what its truly about, being a bright light in a very dark tunnel, hence the album title “light in the dark.” Life can be brutal.

5.  What band or who would be a dream for you to open up for, co headline with for a live show?

Metallica, Iron Maiden, Megadeth, Nightwish, Within Temptation and so many more.

6. If you had any concept album in you what or who would it be about ?

That is a fantastic question Robert and requires more thought on my end. Perhaps our third release will be a concept album. You have sparked my interest

7. I noticed that Light In The Dark as a album are pretty much straight away rock and metal tracks with hardly a hint of anything like a ballad, was that intentional or just how the album came to it creation?

Haha! Yeah, it just kind of happened that way. However, we have been working on a new collection of songs and yes, there are some brooding ballads. We are all really enjoying and are excited about this stuff.

8. Where did the name Masqued come from?

Choosing a band name was most difficult lol. It is kind of a blur, though I do remember one of my band mates throwing that name out there and it took off in my mind. I found the name rather intriguing with an element of theatrics and mystery. I really like the name and am glad we all agreed.

9) Out of all the music festivals that seem to come back around in Europe and the USA every spring and summer, what would be your dream festival to appear on?

Gosh there are so many…hmmm…I would say any of the Prog Power festivals would be great and definitely Wacken Open Air Festival would be stellar along with Chicago Open Air. To have a prime time spot would be the dream of dreams.

10. What are plans for Masqued by way of touring and performing in 2018? Are you booked for any shows yet?

Absolutely! We have some great shows in the processed of being solidified and will be making announcements soon though I can say the Female Metal Event in the Netherlands is one of our stops. Sooo exciting! Is there any ideas brewing for a follow up to your debut album? Yes, we definitely have a second album cooking right now. I am loving the new stuff, it just keeps getting better and better. So exciting, more great Masqued music IS in the works!!

11) When most bands with both a female and male vocalist are going with the more harsh growls ‘Beauty & Beast’ style vocal, you are your male counterpart Shane DuBose have chosen to go against the grain as it is and remain with clean vocal styles. Was this always the goal of Masqued or did it just happen this way through the evolution of the band?

We admire a great growl and scream but I think we do what is most natural to us. Who knows what will evolve in the future, anything is possible. I can say that we pride ourselves on such a melodic construct and rich harmonies. There is a lot going on in our music, a ton of musicality is what you will find from each Masqued member.

12. The final question, do you have any parting words for your existing fan base or any future fan base that takes interest in Masqued?

First of all I want to thank you all for your love for music and keeping the scene alive. We thank all of our existing fans for your unfailing love and support of us and we Masqued, are looking forward to reaching out and connecting to all of you new fans out there, all over the world. Where ever you are in your journey of life we hope to share it with you through this music; the human experience is very real and can reach great states of joy and punishing sorrows. In all the laughter and tears, we can travel this road, through music that bands us all together. We love to hear from you, messages us anytime, You can connect with us via

Masqued Official Website

Masqued Official Facebook Page

Masqued Email Booking 

Top 10 Albums of 2017 | Progressive Metal | 2 of 3

Top 10 Albums of 2017 | Progressive Metal | 2 of 3

Welcome back. This is the second of three lists of Top 10 Albums of 2017 here at Power of Prog. This time we count down the Top 10 Albums of 2017 . We are also at a point in history where there is as much progressive metal as there is it’s paternal genre progressive rock.

As many know who follow this music, progressive rock now has its branches in many other genres or sub-genres of heavy metal music. This list below is compiled from traditional progressive metal, extreme progressive black metal, progressive power metal, cinematic progressive metal, progressive death metal and a progressive rock/metal opera. Without further delay here are my Top 10 Albums Of Year, Progressive Metal.


1. Masqued – The Light In The Dark

Country – Houston, Texas USA

Label – Sleaszy Rider Records

Band Members

Jon Allen – Drums
Drew Creel – Guitar
Shane Dubose – Bass/Vocals
Eric Halpern – Guitar
Steffany Johnston – Vocals
Adam Rawlings – Keyboards

Masqued Official Website

Masqued Official Facebook Page


2. Pain Of Salvation – Passing Light Of Day

Country – Sweden

Label – Inside Out Music

Band Members
Daniel Gildenlöw – Lead Vocals/Lead Guitar
Johan Hallgren – Lead Guitar/Vocals
Léo Margarit – Drums/Vocals
Daniel Karlsson – Keyboards/Vocals
Gustaf Hielm – Bass/Vocals

Pain Of Salvation Official Website

Pain Of Salvation Official Facebook Page


3. Ayreon – The Source

Country – The Netherlands

Label – Mascot Label Group/Music Theories Recordings

Band Members/Original Cast

Arjen Anthony Lucassen – Electric and Acoustic Guitars/Bass Guitar/Mandolin/Synthesizers, Hammond/Solina Strings/All Other Instruments
Ed Wabry – Drums

Original Cast Members/Vocalists

James Labrie – Dream Theater- As ‘The Historian’
Tommy Giles Rogers – Between The Buried And Me – As ‘The Chemist’
Simone Simons – Epica -As ‘The Counselor’
Mike Mills – Toehider – As ‘T-H1’
Floor Jansen – Nightwish – As ‘The Biologist’
Hansi Kursch – Blind Guardian – As ‘The Astronomer’
Tobis Sammet – Avantasia/Edguy – As ‘The Captain’
Michael Eriksen – Circus Maximus – As ‘The Diplomat’
Nils K Rue – Pagans Mind – As ‘The Prophet’
Zaher Zorgati – Myrath – As ‘The Preacher’
Tommy Karevik – Kamelot – As ‘The Opposition Leader’
Russel Allen – SymphonyX – As ‘The President
Will Shaw – Heir Apparent’ Wilmer Waarbroek, Jan Willem Ketelaars, and Lisette van den Berg – Scarlet Stories as ‘The Ship’s Crew’
You … Insert Name Here … as ‘The Audience’

Lori Linstruth – Photo Stills/Ajren Lucassen & Ayreon Cast
Wayne Joyner – Lyric Videos for Everybody Dies and Star Of Sirrah

Ayreon Official Website 

Ayreon Official Facebook Page


4. Persefone – Aathma

Country -Andorra

Label – Vicisolum Productions/Enorm Music

Band Members
Marc Martins – Vocals
Carlos Lozano – Guitars
Miguel Espinosa – Keyboards& vocals.
Filipe Baldaia – Guitars
Toni Mestre – Bass
Sergi “Bobby” Verdeguer – Drums

Persefone Official Website

Persefone Official Facebook Page


5. The Vicious Head Society – Abject Tomorrow

Country – Ireland

Label – Independent/Self Release

Band Members 

Graham Keane – Guitars/Bass/Creator
Wilmer Waarbroek – Vocals
Derek Sherinan – Keyboards
Nahuel Ramos – Keyboards
Pat Byrne – Vocals
Klemen Markelj – Drums
Kevin Talley – Drums
Nathan Pickering – Vocals

The Vicious Head Society Official Website – Merchandise

The Vicious Head Society Official Facebook


6. Perihelion Ship – To Paint A Bird Of Fire

Country – Sweden

Label – Independent/Self Released

Band Members 

Andreas Hammer – Guitar/Vocals
Jari-Markus Kohijoki – Drums
Pirkka Maksimainen – Synths
Mikael Aalto – Bass

Perihelion Ship Official Bandcamp Profile

Perihelion Ship Official Facebook Page


7. Dreadnought – A Wake In Sacred Waves

Country – USA

Label – Sailor Records

Band Members 

Kelly Schilling – Guitar, Flute, Clean and Harsh Vocals
Jordan Clancy – Drums, Alto/Tenor Saxophone
Kevin Handlon – Bass, Mandolin, Lyrics
Lauren Vieira – Keys, Clean Vocals

Dreadnought Official Website

Dreadnought Official Facebook Page


8. Iapetus – The Long Road Home

Country – USA
Label – Independent/Self Released

Band Members 

Matthew Cerami – Vocals/Guitars/Bass
Jordan Navarro – Guitars/Drum Programming/Keyboards/Additional Sounds
Jordan Navarro And Nick Shann – Drum Programming/Arrangements

Additional Musicians
Nick Shann – Guitar Solo & Stringed Arrangememnts on ‘The Long Road Home’ Violin on ‘My Father, My God
Benjamin Ian Meyerson (Fin Amor) & Justin Barone (Consonance) – Additional Lyrics & Vocal Arrangements
Samantha Marie Rae (Nectar) – Guest Vocals
Charles Buonsera – Bass Solo on ‘Evisecrate Divine’

Iapetus Official Official Merchandise Store

Iapetus Official Facebook Page


9. Scardust – Sands Of Time

Country – Israel

Label – Independent/ Self Released

Band Members
Noa Gruman – Lead Vocals
Yoav Weinberg – Drums
Yadin Moyal – Guitars
Yanai Avnet – Bass
Alex Nicola – Keyboards

Scardust Official Website

Scardust Official Facebook Page


10. MindMaze – Resolve

Country – USA
Label – Inner Wound Recordings

Band Members
Sarah Teets – Lead Vocals
Jeff Teets – Guitars, Keyboards, Backing Vocals
Rich Pasqualone – Bass, Backing Vocals
Mark “Truk” Bennett – Drums

MindMaze Official Website

MindMaze Official Facebook Page




Masqued | Light In The Dark Album Review November 2017

Masqued | Light In The Dark

Label: Sleaszy Rider Records
Release Year: 2017
Country: Houston/Texas USA
Genre: Progressive Metal


Band Members

Jon Allen – Drums
Drew Creel – Guitar
Shane Dubose – Bass/Vocals
Eric Halpern – Guitar
Steffany Johnston – Vocals
Adam Rawlings – Keyboards


Contact Links

Masqued Offical Website

Masqued Official Facebook Page

Masqued Official YouTube Channel

Masqued Official Reverbnation Profile

Masqued On iTunes

Masqued On Amazon

When I relocated to Houston Texas from Los Angeles California in 1988 -89 I will admit that the Houston Texas metal, progressive rock scene etc … was a rather eclectic mix much more than Los Angeles. One night you could go see Houston Blues legend Freddy Everret out on the Northwest side off Jones Road, another night you could be a Club 6400 or Numbers watching local bands like ZLotZ and Helstar, the fledgling Galactic Cowboys or St Louis Missouri transplants Kings X. There was even ZRock that was a 100% all Heavy Metal and Hard Rock station.

As the 1980’s gave way to the Alternative 1990’s, Houston found itself in a musical culture that was either forcing the flavour of the month in rock n roll down the throats of its citizens. Soon modern rock formatted stations such as 101.1 KLOL would go from decent modern rock and metal to a full blown Espanol station. Outside Classic Rock radio and KPFT a non commercial station here as well. Then there were the record stores that seemed to be one of the few entities keeping any metal scene together. You had Catcus near the Montrose, Diamondhead Records and Vinyl Edge on the Northwest side. Yes for a while in the later 1990’s and early 2000’s the metal scene seemed to be a little bleak around here.

However something began to happen where the scene. With the rise in the internet and the explosion of small to larger venues, bands in any genre began to reclaim a foothold within the general conscience. The House Of Blues started to welcome local bands, the 19th Hole up in The Woodlands and BFE off Jones Rd, started to book national acts like Savatage, Fates Warning, Seven Witches among local bands like Well Of Souls and the subject of this album review Masqued.

Brief Biography Courtesy Of Masqued Official Website

The band was formed in 2014 by guitarist Eric Halpern (HELSTAR, LEATHERWOLF), bassist Shane Dubose, and keyboardist Adam Rawlings, all formerly with local Houston, TX legends Z-LOT-Z. They recruited drummer Jon Allen (SADUS, TESTAMENT) and second guitarist Drew Creel (MEVYN), with Steffany Johnston providing the missing piece after an extensive vocalist search.
​The group have just put the finishing touches on their first album which was produced by veteran SF Bay Area studio whiz Juan Urteaga (Testament, Vicious Rumors, Machine Head). Expect an amazing piece of American metal: melodic, progressive, aggressive, unique and modern, with elements from ‘70s rock and jazz, till Bay Area-thrash! Release date will be announced soon.

​Eric Halpern on behalf of the band stated the following comments:

”After several years of hard work, MASQUED is very excited to present our debut CD! We are also proud to release it on Sleaszy Rider Records, a well-known and respected label. Metal fans around the globe, with much love and respect, we sincerely hope you enjoy our new music!”

My initial introduction to the band Masqued is a bit blurry. I believe it was a word of mouth thing combined with some social media exposure. I had the privilege of seeing the band live in its infancy at least once. I knew they were going to be a good band but I did not know they would turn out as good as they have. Although the band have only been a unit for 3+ years, in reality they have been preparing for this their entire lives with other prior musical ventures and other bands. With a lifetime of musical and personal experience the band unifies their God given talent that makes for a well crafted album that is The Light In The Dark. Masqued explore subjects of faith, spirituality and provide very uplifting positive in their compositions.

It would be easy and cliche to compare Masqued with other American Progressive Metal bands. If I had to best tell you the reader and potential fan of Masqued, I would say they are a cross between Shadow Gallery meets the Wedding Party. Vocally Steffany Johnston is a female version coming of the late Mike Baker of Shadow Gallery. Her pitch perfect range is well balanced throughout the album. On the male vocal side Shane Dubose lends a very strong European flavour to the band reminding me very much of Andrea Ferro of Lacuna Coil. On the instrumental side of the band it is one of the top and stellar lineups in the industry today. This is due to all the time playing live as a band and really honing the craft prior to making a full debut album.

There seems to be hook and riff after hook and riff. I will note the highlights of every track going forward.

A New Beginning is a straight forward instrumental intro to open up the album. Its heavy Arabic scale lends a very unique and beautiful dimension to the album from the first note go. It seamlessly transitions smoothly into the next track The Light In The Dark.

The Light In The Dark explodes with a thunderous rhythm section right out of the starting gate off A New Beginning. This is also the official first single off the album. The chord progressions are very tight like the band have been together for 10+ years. There is no filler whatsoever. Every chord progression and rhythm portion all serve a purpose and do their own intended purpose. Steffany Johnston – Vocals and Shane DuBoise – Bass/Vocals really play tight off one another. Their vocal structure is also in perfect pitch with the melodic composition half of the this track. The vocals do not overwhelm nor appear to have once ounce of weakness with the melody and harmony of the song. Lyrically the band immediately establishes a much more positive and uplifting message that is sometimes lacking in progressive metal.

The Call begins with thunderous rhythm sections with some very beautiful ethereal vocal chants. It soon switches gears towards a more atmospheric progressive track and the beautiful yet uplifting female vocals come in and really play on key with the instrumental section. Lyrically the subject matter revolves around life choices and destiny. This is one of the more aggressive tracks on the album. It is not only a heavy track sonically but vocally it is full of passion and grace. The track contains some very insane chord progressions and time signatures that certainly qualify it as a progressive minded song.

Let Go begins with a very blistering introduction with various chord progressions met with some very intricate time signatures in the rhythm section. It reminds me a lot of Shadow Gallery’s Deeper Than Life off 1995’s Carved In Stone as far as the explosive riffs and emotion within the opening instrumental section. Once again the female vocal narrative is on perfect point and range. Steffany Johnston totally demonstrates full control along with Shane DuBose in the male vocal narrative. It seems that vocal control and orientation is becoming the rule throughout the album more than just some exception and Let Go is yet another perfect example of this.

Hypnotized is a perfect demonstration of the band’s uncanny ability to create something different with every song and a killer brainstorm in the mixing of the track. In perfect harmony between the opening instrumental passage in perfect harmony with the vocal the track is fades in gradually and seamlessly. This track is very heavy on guitar solo’s as the beginning starts as a solo. Both the male and female vocal narratives work much like a melodic dialogue going back and forth in various sections. The instrumentals are very brutal and heavy throughout the song serving as perfect filters for the various solo’s. The outro is a beautiful blend of the brutal rhythm sections with the beautiful ethereal vocals.

Bullet By Bullet starts off with the band’s signature deep thunderous rhythm section in melody with the beautiful piano styles of Adam Rawlings – Keyboards. There are some breaks in the early notes before the song begins to blister the senses. The blistering soon subsides to the beautiful soothing balm of Steffany Johnston’s vocals. The message again is one of very uplifting. Then the male vocal narrative of Shane DuBose switches in and out. This is also followed by brilliant solo’s done by Drew Creel – Guitar , Eric Halpern – Guitar, Adam Rawlings – Keyboards. Much of this track reminds me a lot of Dream Theater’s Awake in 1994 meets Teremaze’s Tears To Dust in 1998.

The Other Side starts out with a spoken word narrative before going into a opening passage that is very Iron Maiden style, especially with Hallowed Be Thy Name. It does level off into a progressive frenzy of various guitars solo’s and atmospheric keyboards within the background. You have this situation that allows both guitarists to display their great rhythm work. The guitars come from out of the stringed section and meet up more with the rhythm section in the song. The vocal harmony even plays off the rhythm section very fluidly. Of course a few intricate guitar solo’s appear but within in the context of the rhythm section more than a stringed section.

Broken can easily be a single much like The Light In The Dark. It has a beautiful verse bridge verse to it. Where it lacks in chorus it certainly makes up for with beautiful vocal work and intricate guitar work. I can see this one gain a foothold within in live sets as the band progresses and plays shows in support of the album.

Rise Up starts out seeing and hearing Jon Allen – Drums put on one of the best drumming clinics on a album I have heard in the last 20 years. He certainly sets the tone for the rest of the band to chime in instrumentally and vocally to give the listener a full all out assault on the senses of the next 6:05. Once again the vocal narrative between Stefanny Johnston and Shane Dubose is spot on perfect in melody to the instrumental. The unsung hero on the song being Jon Allen on drums.

In a year that did see Houston Texas battered by Hurricane Harvey this album was very needed within the Houston metal, progressive and general musical community overall. Masqued The Light In The Dark and the World Series victory of the Houston Astro’s in that order are highlights in what appeared to be a dark bleak 2017. I knew I had moved from Los Angeles to Houston for a reason. This album is among those reasons and blessings. Masqued The Light In The Dark is now on my very short list of Album Of The Year 2017 contenders right up there with Ayreon, Nad Sylvan, Quadrus, Scardust and Perihelion Ship. Masqued The Light In The Dark gets a perfect 5/5 for stellar work.