Watch the Worldwide Premiere of Potter’s Daughter – We Could Be from their New EP Casually Containing Rage

US-based Art Rock/Prog Fusion band Potter’s Daughter release a poignant video We Could Be from EP, Casually Containing Rage, the EP was released over the weekend.

Q: Tell us about the song and the video We Could Be?

A: The music video was born when Dyanne Potter Voegtlin and Jan-Christian Vögtlin of Potter’s Daughter, and developing filmmaker Serena Kunzler put their heads together to create a message of unity and resistance in the face of racial injustice in the United States. As a US citizen living abroad, Serena still wanted to base her video edit on local images and footage. She first called out to friends on Facebook, and later “stalked” photographers on Flickr, some of which graciously provided their material on Black Lives Matter, Native Lives Matter, Muslim Lives Matter, Families Belong Together, and other social issues. With the addition of abstract paint and color footage from photographers on Pexels, the final music video – along with the song We Could Be itself – layers themes of race, color, struggle, and unity into a multilayered poem.

We Could Be 

Dyanne Potter Voegtlin-keyboards, vocals 
Jan-Christian Vögtlin-bass, drum programming, guitar synth 
NPR David Greene-radio broadcast 
Produced by Dyanne Potter Voegtlin, co-produced by Jan-Christian Vögtlin and Joseph Wiggy Wegleski
Mastered by Tom Borthwick 
Recorded at SI Studio, Engineered by Joseph Wiggy Wegleski
Video by Serena Kunzler

Huge thanks for the use of photos and videos.
Miranda Lynn, Saundi Wilson, Fauxels, Huyen Khanh Do, Rosie Julin, Eino Sierpe, Elvert Barnes, Montecruz Foto, Parker Dubiel, Greg’s Southern Ontario, Jill Ion, Peg Hunter – Video featuring Idle No more SF Bay group, Stef, Kelly Lacy, Matthew Roth, TJ Davis, Free Creative, Lorie Shaull, Fibonacci Blue, Roman K, Jason Hargrove, Scott Carpenter, Taymaz Valley, Thomas Hawk

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