United Progressive Fraternity Talk About Planetary Overload-Loss Part1

Fraternity News,
Just a little update on the recording of Planetary Overload-Loss Part1

We are hoping to announce a label deal in the coming weeks, the album itself has taken a little longer to make than we first thought, there are so many great people involved in a project like this and it takes time for them to deliver their special arrangements. Patience is rewarding 
We hope that fans, friends and new listeners will embrace the sound and the strong messages we are presenting

Here is a little snapshot on how the album will present
Planetary Overload – Part 1: Loss

Phase 1 Dawning on Us

1. Loss (Anthem)
2. What Happens Now
3. What Are We Doing to Ourselves
4. Cruel Times

Phase 2 Destruction and Distraction

5. Stop Time
6. One More
7. Mercenaries
8. What If
9. Forgive me my Son

Phase 3 Growing

10. Dying to be Reborn
11. Seeds for Life
12. Loss to Lost

(Bonus disc)
The Surreal Moments
1. Seeds for Life (Fraternity Symphonic Orchestra) Alternative version
2. One More (Chris Lebled arrangement)
3. Seeds for Life (Chris Lebled arrangement)
4. Cruel Times (Chris Lebled arrangement)
5. This Time (Chris Lebled arrangement)
6. Loss to Lost (Chris Lebled arrangement)

There may be some minor changes, but the track listing is mainly complete.

Seeds for Life
We received an early demo of Seeds for Life with the Fraternity Symphony Orchestra arranged by Cornel Wilczek. The original arrangement was produced by the amazing Gordo Bennett The arrangements are wonderfully placed and fit perfectly with Steve Hackett’s Spanish guitar solo. The combination of Dan Mash (Bass), Nick Magnus (Piano, Keyboards) Steve Unruh (Violin, Flute) Jesús Gancedo García (Drums) Marek Arnold (Sax) Michel St-Pere: (Lead and Rhythm Guitars) is something quite special. The track will have a special narration by our own Matt Goodluck with an amazing soundscape by Mathew Atherto

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Mystery get ready to release 7th studio album “Lies and Butterflies”

Canada’s Premier Prog Band Mystery have set Set July 14th as the date for the release of their 7th studio album Lies and Butterflies, this date is significant as it coincides with the day Mystery are set to perform at Night of the Prog in Germany.
According to a post on social media by multi-instrumentalist, producer and writer Michel St-Père
Today, I finally finished the mix of the new MYSTERY album, it was a hard one to make, lots of work but also very pleasant to work on this one still, a lot of work to make sure we get it in time for Night of the Prog, so no time for vacations yet, I hope you will all enjoy this new album, Lies and Butterflies will be here very soon !!!
Album Details
Album. Lies and Butterflies
Label: Unicorn Digital
Catalog No. UNCR-5120
Format: CD, Digital

Track list:
1- Looking for Something Else
2- Come to Me
3- How do you Feel?
4- Something to Believe in
5- Dare to Dream
6- Where Dreams come Alive
7- Chrysalis
Michel St-Père, Jean Pageau, Benoit Dupuis, François Fournier, Sylvain Moineau, Jean-Sébastien Goyette,