Romanian artist and musician COSTIN CHIOREANU is set to debut “Midnight Cemetery”, a guided Virtual Reality tour, at 2020’s Inferno Metal Festival in Oslo, Norway, which this year takes place from the 9th to the 12th April.

Taking place at the Rockefeller venue, “Midnight Cemetery” is a visual rendition of “Afterlife Romance”,  the recent album by CHIOREANU and Greek singer  SOFIA SARRI, which was released on Dark Essence Records at the end of last year.  CHIOREANU, who joined forces with fellow artist and musician ADRIAN TABACARU to make this vision a reality,  tells us something about the event:

“Midnight Cemetery”  is a  guided Virtual Reality tour that encompasses the complete story of the album “Afterlife Romance” and takes it to the maximum level of insanity. In what will be the worldwide premiere of “Midnight Cemetery” , you will literally be able to enter my personal visual world through the medium of Virtual Reality.  And there you will be able to interact with elements of this dark and strange realm thanks to the alien-skilled ADRIAN TABACARU. 

We suggest you might like to visit our stand, which you will find at the Rockefeller artist area,  before your first beer -otherwise you will might remain trapped in the Midnight Cemetery…forever.

Through his art and video productions, COSTIN CHIOREANU has a long history of collaboration with many of the Dark Essence Records bands, as well as bands and artists like Rune Eriksen of MAYHEM, AURA NOIR and EARTH ELECTRIC, AT THE GATES, GHOST, SIGH and VULTURE INDUSTRIES.  But many fans may not have been aware, until recently, that this devotee of avant-garde is also a talented musician who uses a wide range of effects to create never-before heard  sounds with his guitar.

ADRIAN TABACARU is the other creative half of  the “Midnight Cemetery” Virtual Reality experience, building the whole structure and giving life to CHIOREANU’s illustrations.  After graduating from the Music University, TABACARU gained a huge amount of advanced knowledge in the field of interactive music composition and performing arts,  receiving a master’s degree for his professional practices. His musical inspiration comes from Classical music, Jazz Fusion, Electronic music and Progressive Rock.  Today, TABACARU is a much-respected drummer, musician, composer and multimedia artist, playing together with Costin Chioreanu and Sofia Sarri in the band ARAC. He has a wide range of activities including live performances, music composition, video production and multimedia art installations, and has recently concentrated his focus on Virtual Reality experiences.

Also a fan of metal and avant-garde, SOFIA SARRI is a vocalist with a breadth of artistic vision and talent that frees her from any kind of genre-imposed shackles.  Having recorded with artists associated with free jazz, improvisation and polyphonic choirs, her  2017 solo album “Euphoria” allowed her to fully utilise her wide-ranging, unearthly,  vocals that move with ease from graceful fragility, to wild, and powerful abandon.

More details about the “Midnight Cemetery” can be found on the Facebook event at

A video by CHIOREANU for the track “Thanatoguards”  from “Afterlife Romance” , his album with SOFIA SARRI’s album can be seen at

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