MonaLisa Twins Releases Till There Was You Video

Today we are sharing with you a cover of one of our favorite non-Beatles Beatles songs! Till There Was You – From the musical “The Music Man”, covered by the Beatles back in ‘63.

We can’t think of many songs with a melody sweeter than this one.

It’s dedicated to our friend and long-time supporter “Steve from Miami”, who we lost this Winter. It was one of his favorite songs, and today would be his Birthday ♥

We often reminisce about the time when we “caught the Beatle bug” in our early teens and would experience our very own Beatlemania together with our best friend from high school.

When the three of us first saw the video of the Beatles doing this song for the Royal Variety Performance we just about lost our minds and immediately fell in love with it – Paul surely knew what he was doing with all that cute head bobbing!

For several weeks to follow we would sing this song to … no, AT anyone who would listen. During gym class, in the locker rooms (great acoustics!), at the bus stop and even in the tram on the way back from school. We couldn’t get the pretty melody (that includes George’s stunning solo) out of our heads.

Our guitar teacher at the time even transcribed the guitar parts for us although they were a little too advanced for us at the time. We still tried!

Ten years later, and after learning that it was one of Steve’s favorite songs too, we want to try it again.

We hope you’ll enjoy the song and video. Let us know if you have any memories connected to the song yourself!

Much love to you all,
Mona & Lisa