French Prog Band NEMO to Release Les nouveaux mondes August 29, 2022

From 2002 to 2015, NEMO have been one of the leading Prog Rock bands in France. In 15 years of existence they conquered the world community of Prog lovers with their nine studio albums.

Supported by the international progressive press, self distributed worldwide with internet networks and a high-performance webshop (, the band has been booked by big festivals in Europe and in the USA.

Nemo has in particular shared the stage with: Focus, Adagio, The Flower Kings, 3, Anglagard, Galahad, Carptree, Pat McManus band, Fish, Vanden Plas, Saga…

In 2015, after the extremely well received album “Coma”, they decided to take a break of indefinite duration. 
This new recording of their debut album is not a comeback, but a way to thank the fans and to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the record.

New totally re-recorded version of NEMO’s first album, by the band’s most classic lineup (Jean Baptiste Itier, Lionel B. Guichard, Guillaume Fontaine and JP Louveton). The band, in a prolonged dormancy since 2015, recorded from a distance, and the result gives a huge added value to these tracks that have not aged a bit.

Jean-Pierre LOUVETON: Guitar, vocals, bass (Africa), virtual instruments
Guillaume FONTAINE: Keyboards, vocals
Lionel B. GUICHARD: Bass
Jean-Baptiste ITIER: Drums
Pascal BERTRAND: Drums (Bataille navale)
Benoît GAIGNON: Bass (Bataille navale)

“We are going to tell you a story, an extraordinary story. A story of exploits and discoveries. A story of challenges and progress. We are going to tell you the story of these men who moved the world forward, who pushed back the barriers of the impossible.
In these stories, the visionary spirit is at the service of the imagination, and the imagination is an accomplice of progress. The characters we’re about to show you, straight out of fiction, have ignited science and reformed the world…”

Release Date: August 29, 2022 Title: Les nouveaux mondes
Format: Digital HR/CD/Vinyl
Style: Progressive Rock
Country: France
Label: Quadrifonic
Artworking 2022: Stan-W DECKER

1. Abysses (10.03)
2. Dr Fergusson et les caprices du vent Vol.1 : Au dessus des toits (6.39)
3. Danse du diable (2.48)
4. Tempête (7.18)
5. Dans la lune encore (6.23)
6. Dr Fergusson et les caprices du vent Vol.2 : Au dessus des pyramides (5.58)

PHILEAS (20.41)
7. Départ / Europe (4.57)
8. Les fleuves sacrés (3.16)
9. Luna (5.54)
10. Nouveau monde (6.34) BONUS
11. Africa (5.51)
12. Bataille navale (11.08) Total Playtime: 76’56


Les nouveaux mondes – July 2002
Eve et le génie du mal (EP) – September 2004 Prélude à la ruine – September 2004 Immersion publique (Live) – October 2005
Si (Partie 1) – April 2006
Si (Partie 2) – l’homme idéal – January 2007
Si (Live) – January 2009
Barbares – January 2009
La machine à remonter le temps (Live) – October 2010 R€volu$ion – May 2011

Le ver dans le fruit – September 2013
Coma – August, 2015
Pièces de collection – October 2018
Présages – November 2018
Le ver dans le fruit (Prog en Beauce 2013 Live) – May 2020 Les nouveaux mondes (2022 edition) – September 2022

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