This 4:34 long song has also been featured on Melodic Revolution’s end of year giveaway for those helping others less fortunate than themselves but is now also available as a single. Progressive and folky, this is all about having Dyanne’s vocals front and center with her strong piano playing providing the perfect accompaniment, and the others knowing that for the most part, they are going to stand there staring at their instruments as opposed to playing them. When they do make an entrance it has the desired effect, and together with harmony choral vocals, and strong use of dynamics combined with gorgeous melodies and hooks makes this the absolute perfect introduction to the band. Potter’s Daughter is going to have a huge impact on the progressive scene, you owe it to your ears to discover them.

10/10 Kev Rowland


Starting with some rather dated keyboards this number soon turns into the melodic progressive music I have come to expect from Potter’s Daughter, this time aided and abetted by none other than the wonderful Annie Haslam whose voice is still as pure and wonderful as it ever has been. Here she combines with Dyanne Potter Voegtlin to create something quite special indeed. Amit allows himself to turn his amplifier up a little and come more to the fore with his solo, turning this song into far more of a progressive rocker than those on the album. This single combines two versions of the same song, but it is interesting not only to hear how the band is moving in their musical journey but also that they have already been accepted by one of the scene’s most treasured singers.

9/10 Kev Rowland


The debut album by American band Potter’s Daughter was released towards the end of 2018, but I only came across it a few months ago, since when I have been trying to work out exactly how I can describe it. The band was formed when Dyanne Potter Voegtlin (piano, keyboards, vocals) was studying classical piano performance at the Manhattan School of Music. She wanted to find a way to combine her knowledge of classical theory and virtuosity with the freedom and innovation of jazz, creating something that in many ways is quite different from the rest of the scene. The very first time I heard this I felt there was a kinship with Renaissance, and I can’t be the only one as since the release of this album the band has collaborated with Annie Haslam on a single, “Blood and Water”. Dyanne has performed both as a classical pianist and a singer/songwriter in venues as prestigious as Carnegie Hall, so she was always going to look for the right musicians to fulfill her dream and she found them in Amit Chatterjee (guitar, bass, arranger, producer), Ian C. Voegtlin (guitar, EWI),  Walter Sitz (drums) and Randy Crafton (percussion).

Musically the album is based around the piano and vocals of Dyanne as she works on bridging that gap between classical and jazz, with the use of space being a very important part of her armory. At times her voice is solo, at others, it is multi-tracked harmonies, and there are times when she is singing just against percussion with no other melodies around. However, it isn’t possible to overstate the importance of Amit to the overall sound as there are times when the guitar is subdued and actually non-existent and others when there are strident solos breaking through and over her voice while the bass is always warm and comforting.

There are times when this feels very much like a jazz album that is being taken in new directions, with “Memento” being an obvious example. However, it is on the softer side, with the piano often using sustain as opposed to the short staccato liked by many, while the lead guitar also takes on many forms, moving from sounds associated with jazz into fusion and then more into rock and prog. This is a band that are truly progressive, melding the forms to make something which is relaxed and laid back yet also inviting and urgent. The arrangements are in many ways incredibly simple, relying on a few key elements, yet that restraint is what makes this album what it is as there is no need to keep piling things on top of each other.

“Its Summer Night” contains classical choral vocals along with minor chords and a dark feeling which sounds more like Mediæval Bæbes than anything connected with rock, and it is the way this album progresses through different styles which makes it so interesting as one is never really sure what is going to happen next. Relaxing, exciting, enjoyable and fluid, this is a rippling stream with the light catching the water as it babbles over the stones in the riverbed. There is so much space between the notes, and between the instruments, that one can get inside the music and into the minds of the musicians creating it and feel at one. What a wonderful debut, next, please!

8/10 Kev Rowland


Nick Katona, head honcho of one of the finest music labels around, is back
with this year’s charity offering. Seven songs by different artists who have all contributed the music so you have the opportunity to hear something very special indeed while also giving back. You see, you cannot buy this EP or download it without contacting the label, who will then send it to you free of charge (this is a digital-only release). All you have to do to get this is to provide proof of helping others. As Nick says, “To receive your copy as a gift from MRR and with the kind permission of all of our contributing artists we ask you to commit a great act of kindness. Send us proof of you donating to your local charity of choice, it can be your time, or tangible goods such as blankets, food or clothing even pet food. Think outside of the box; donate your time at the local food bank, soup kitchen or shelter. Certainly, the hospitals would be grateful for volunteers or donate blood today and save a life.”

I know that most people who think of others do so with no thought of reward or recognition, it is just because it is the right thing to do. Others aren’t aware of how much pressure this time of year can bring to those who are less fortunate, yet whatever society or country you live in there will always be some who are struggling. Not everyone has access to a computer to read this review, not everyone has access to clean water, food, clothing or a place to stay.

Each year at this time Melodic Revolution makes available a release like this, hoping it is a spur for those who are caught up in their own festivities to remind them of those less fortunate. If this release makes you think of that person who has no-one at Christmas or spurs you into buying a few extra bits and pieces at the supermarket to donate, or for you to find where you can volunteer for a few hours, then it has more than accomplished its goal.

It is almost an aside to say this seven-track release featuring Potter’s Daughter, Andrew Colyer, Harlequin Reborn, Don Schiff, Babal and Murky Red and Franck Carducci are an absolute delight. It is a winter album, not a Christmas album, and is a great way to discover “new” bands: a few here are new to me, while others are old friends. Potter’s Daughter even wrote the sublime “This Winter Child” just for this. Christmas is not about eating too much food or drinking too much wine, it is actually about people. Nick said to me “It’s more than just holiday music; it’s about love and hope”. Get out there, make a difference, and then contact the label with proof and in the subject matter put ‘Pay it Forward’, sending it to [email protected]

You will be making a real difference in people’s lives, and while that will always be reward enough, now you can also get to hear wonderful music by amazing people as well.

10/10 Kev Rowland

Potter’s Daughter Signs with Melodic Revolution Records

Melodic Revolution Records is pleased to announce that we have signed Virginia based Art Rock/ Progressive jazz fusion artist Potters Daughter for a multi-album deal.

About the band:
Potter’s Daughter was formed in NYC while Dyanne was studying classical piano performance at the Manhattan School of Music. The group performed regularly in NYC, as well as in northeastern PA. Potter’s Daughter has been featured on radio, TV, and in national and international magazines and blogs. Now, joining forces with longtime friend, Amit Chatterjee, (producer, arranger, and guitarist), and Ian C. Voegtlin (composer, guitarist, and saxophonist), in 2018 they released their debut album “The Blind Side.”

Most recently Potter’s Daughter released a follow-up single “Blood and Water” which was released on August 2019 as a Limited Edition 7″ single, CD single and as a digital download. “Blood and Water” features guest vocalist Annie Haslam, lead vocalist for English Progressive Rock band Renaissance. 

Potter’s Daughter is:
Dyanne Potter Voegtlin (Composer, Piano, Vocals) Amit Chatterjee (Producer, Arranger, Guitar)
Ian C. Voegtlin (Composer, Saxophone, Guitar) Randy Crafton (Percussion)
Walter Sitz (Drum Set)

In a statement from the band
It is our great joy and honor to announce Potter’s Daughter has signed a multi-release deal with the independent US record label, Melodic Revolution Records! MRR is known the world over as a prog/art-rock label and is home to Paul D’Adamo, Lisa LaRue, Marco Ragni, and Overture to name a few.

MRR is led by Nick Katona, who has a deep love for creative music and is known for his passion and enthusiasm in bringing the world the best new music. MRR is more than a record label, says Nick, “…we are a family of musicians and individuals that work hard at working together as a well-oiled team bringing the music listener music that inspires, and makes us think while cultivating memories – music that will stand the test of time. It is through this family atmosphere that new collaborations have evolved to create rich and dynamic new music.”

Potter’s Daughter and MRR already have several new projects in motion, including the release of a new single, upcoming performances, and our next album! We are extremely excited to be working together with Nick and the entire MRR family and look forward to further building and expanding the connection created by the wonderful world of music.

In a statement from Nick Katona CEO of Melodic Revolution Records.
Our mission has always been to collaborate with artists that are hard-working talent that delivers top-notch music… and this is the case with Potter’s Daughter. Their music is rich with melody and hooks, We also believe they will reach out to even the most finicky of music listeners, from modern art-rock lovers to the purest of jazz-infused progressive rock fans.

Further Information Can Be Found At
Website: https://pottersdaughterband.com/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/PottersDaughterBand/
MRR Artist Profile: https://mrrmusic.com/potters-daughter/

Media & Booking:
[email protected]

Label Contact:
Nick Katona
[email protected]

Melodic Revolution Online: 
Website: http://mrrmusic.com/ 
Bandcamp: https://myrevolution.bandcamp.com/artists 
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/MelodicRevolutionRecords/ 
YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/c/MelodicRevolutionRecordsMusic  
Twitter: https://twitter.com/mrrmusicgroup

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