ProgJect – The Ultimate Prog Rock Experience North American tour beings June 20th.

Tour features special ‘In Conversation with Bill Bruford’ interviews at select stops

ProgJect–the brainchild of drummer Jonathan Mover–features an all-star band of world-renown players with histories that include Frank Zappa, Joe Satriani, Asia, Alice Cooper, GTR, Steve Vai, Edgar Winter, Spock’s Beard, The Tubes, Zappa Plays Zappa, Marillion and more.

And now, the lineup featuring Mike Keneally, Ryo Okumoto, Alessandro Del Vecchio, Pete Griffin, and Jonathan Mover is announcing a run of tour dates in the US and Canada in June of 2024 where the group will be performing the classics and epics of Genesis, YES, King Crimson and ELP, along with some Gentle Giant, Rush, Pink Floyd, U.K., Jethro Tull, Peter Gabriel, and more.

Prog legend Bill Bruford (Yes, King Crimson, U.K., Genesis) and Anil Prasad (Innerviews) will be opening up the last two shows in NYC and Glenside, PA., presenting “In Conversation with Bill Bruford”, discussing his remarkable life and career, followed by an autograph/photograph session.
Guitarist Travis Larson will be opening the rest of the shows.

ProgJect’s two-plus hour show includes: “The Lamb Lies Down On Broadway”, “Firth Of Fifth”, “The Cinema Show”, “Larks Tongues In Aspic, Pts I & II”, “21st Century Schizoid Man”, “Roundabout”, “Siberian Khatru”, “Karn Evil 9: First Impression”, Have A Cigar”, “Money“, “In The Dead Of Night”, “Alaska”, “Closer To The Heart”, “Red Barchetta”, “Solsbury Hill”, “D.I.Y.”, “Aqualung”, “Locomotive Breath”, “Cogs In Cogs”, “Hell’s Bells” and more…

Tour Dates
*6/20/24 Chicago, IL – Reggies
*6/21/24 Hamilton, ON – Bridgeworks
*6/22/24 Quebec, QC – Salle Octave Cremazie
*6/24/24 Sydney, NS – Highland Arts Theatre
*6/26/24 Montreal, QC – Theatre Fairmount
*6/27/24 Portland, ME – Portland House of Music
*6/28/24 Arlington, MA – Regent Theatre
+6/29/24 NYC, NY – Sony Hall
+6/30/24 Glenside, PA – Keswick Theatre
* Guest Support – Travis Larson
+ Guest Support – Bill Bruford


Beautiful Ugly – Captain Of The Lost Waves – Melodic Revolution Records Album Review

In 2022, the Captain released his fourth album, the absolutely amazing ‘Hidden Gems Chapter 3 – Mysterium Tremendum’ which I gave maximum marks to and declared it to be a “review killer” in that once it hit my player, I was unable to listen to anything else, greatly reducing my output for a time. It has taken longer than expected for Shaun to come back with his next album, because he and his family were the innocent victims of a road traffic accident where someone fleeing police drove into their car. It has taken eighteen very long months for everyone to work through the physical and mental injuries, which also had a huge impact on them in other ways, as Shaun is a working musician as opposed to someone doing this as a hobby. Through these terrible times, the Captain still had the need to create music, albeit in a very slow, labored, and somewhat sedate ‘late-night fashion’. Musically this is a very different release to what we have come to expect from him, far more thoughtful and reflective, with less energy, but more power and emotion. He provides vocals, bouzouki, mandolin and guitar, and here he has been joined by Damian Clark (keyboards, synthesizers, sound design) and Wendy Ross (violins). We find the Captain taking his alternative folk roots, with all songs having his acoustic instrumentation at the base, and then lifting them into something quite different which brings in both progressive and ambient styling. What is so hugely impressive with this release is the sheer presence of the man, he has created a swirling soundscape where he is at the very center, somehow imbuing a sense of being and self into a world here that presence is often fleeting and passing. He is rooted, and the music is at times ethereal and magical, a gossamer web of strands being brought together in an incredible manner. At any time, this would be a remarkable release, but knowing what he was going through makes this truly something incredible and essential. The way he moves his vocals into clear falsetto is like no-one else I know, and there is clear direction and purpose, a single-minded laser vision of taking us on a journey, to where we know not. Since I first came across COTLW and ‘Hidden Gems Chapter 1’ in 2016 I have loved all his works, and is someone unique in the current scene, quite unlike anyone else around, yet at the same time he is wonderfully approachable and everyone I have played his music to wonders where he has been all their lives and why they have not previously come across the artist. In this plastic, disposable, transient and permanently connected artificial world the reason is simple, Captain of the Lost Waves is a man out of time. His music is rich, thoughtful, deliberate and designed to last for eons. Like rich swamp kauri it is full of depth and passion, something which people want to touch and cherish, and hold close to their hearts. A remarkable person has released a remarkable album, and the only reason I give this 10/10 is that mathematically I can’t give it anymore. Incredible. Kev Rowland

Caligula’s Horse announce new Digital Deluxe Edition of latest album Charcoal Grace featuring instrumental tracks

Jack Venables

Caligula’s Horse are pleased to release a new Digital Deluxe Edition of their latest album Charcoal Grace. The new edition, out today, is available only digitally and includes both the full studio album as well as instrumental versions of each track.

Singer Jim Grey on the release:

“There are so many layers and motifs within the composition of Charcoal Grace, and we’re excited to share this deluxe instrumental version of the album with you to hear even more depths and emotional moments you may not have discovered yet. Also none of those pesky distracting vocals, am I right?”


Caligula’s Horse is also pleased to announce their Charcoal Grace tab book with guitar jam tracks and exclusive merch via Sheet Happens on June 6th.  


In addition to this announcement, Caligula’s Horse will embark on their final AU and NZ run in June/July:


14th June – Adelaide  - Unibar

15th June – Perth – Magnet house

22nd June – Canberra – The Baso

New Zealand

4th July – New Zealand – Wellington – MEOW

5th July – New Zealand – Auckland – Whammy Bar

6th July – New Zealand – Christchurch (Rock Monsters Festival)


Charcoal Grace is the 6th studio album of the band, and it combines raw rock power with immense emotional depth. Charcoal Grace is borne of the static hopelessness that the pandemic forced upon the band and, indeed, much of the world, these past few years. It is an album reckoning with the experiences and outcomes of this time geared, ultimately, towards catharsis – moving towards a more hopeful future.

“Caligula’s Horse expand upon their palette and vision with an admirable confidence
and clarity of purpose” – Prog Magazine

“Whether you’re a returning follower or a newcomer, you’ll surely find Charcoal Grace to be a deeply impressive and thoughtful journey from one of today’s greatest genre torchbearers.” – Metal Injection


Caligula’s Horse are:

Jim Grey – lead vocals
Sam Vallen – lead guitar
Josh Griffin – drums
Dale Prinsse – bass


HFMC – New Video From The album ‘Eternal Snapshots’, Out On June 6!

‘Wherever You May Go’ is the second video out of ‘Eternal Snapshots’. This version of the song is shortened to make it more “video friendly and more to the point maybe. The reason for that is the tempo of today, where many of us wants a “quick fix” generally speaking. If you’re looking for positivity, a nice flow and many major chords, look no further. Here’s ‘Wherever You May Go’. The video was made by Dario and Gabriel Mekler.

‘Wherever You May Go’:

The idea of forming a new band started sometime in 2008, says Hasse: “I had a handful of new songs, and more were coming regularly.”
The idea started to take shape and in 2009 Hasse Fröberg & Musical Companion (in short: HFMC) started to play and prepare for what later became their debut album “FuturePast” (2010).

Hasse is well known for his contribution for more than two decades as singer/guitarist in The Flower Kings, as well as his work with the Swedish hard rock band Spellbound during the eighties. 

The band members have played together with names like Glenn Hughes, Michael Schenker, Jeff Scott Soto, Joe Lynn Turner amongst others… HFMC has a warm and unique sound of their own with influences from progressive rock, classic rock and even a hint of pop.

2024 marks the forty-year anniversary since Hasse released his first full length album. What can be better to celebrate forty years as a recording artist than to release a new one?

The new HFMC record ‘Eternal Snapshots‘ is the band’s sixth studio album. It’s a concept album that deals with questions such as how do we become who we are. Is everything predetermined? Is destiny involved in our lives? The title ‘Eternal Snapshots’ reflects over the fact that new fate of lives is being born every second and here we get to follow two of them.Online:



7D Media Signs Joe Deninzon & Stratospheerius

Renowned Electric Violinist & His Band Joining Innovative Prog & Art Rock Label, New Album Due Out October 11th.

7D Media is pleased to announce the signing of Joe Deninzon & Stratospheerius to its progressive and art rock, instrumental roster.  Kansas violinist/guitarist Joe Deninzon is also the frontman and lead singer of Stratospheerius, which features bandmates; guitarist Michelangelo Quirinale (Thrilldriver), keyboardist Bill Hubauer (Neal Morse Band, Crack the Sky), bassist Paul Ranieri (Mark Wood, Riot Act), and drummer Jason Gianni (The Ultimate Queen Celebration, Trans-Siberian Orchestra, Rock of Ages, Neal Morse Band).

7D Media will be releasing the band’s 6th album, “Impostor!” on October 11. The album features favorite prog rock musicians including Michael Sadler (Saga), Randy McStine (Porcupine Tree), Fernando Perdomo (Jacob Dylan), Chloe Lowry (Trans Siberian Orchestra), Val Vigoda (Groovelilly), and multi-instrumentalist Rachel Flowers.  Produced by Joe Deninzon, “Impostor!” was mixed and mastered by Rich Mouser (Neal Morse, Dream Theater, Tears for Fears).  

Progressive Rock Central’s Angel Romero has described Joe as “Perhaps the finest electric violinist of his generation.”     

Label head Trey Gunn says, “I am super excited to have Joe joining our field of innovating artists here at 7D.  He is a perfect fit.”

7D Media is an independent record label founded by musician Trey Gunn, known for his work with the progressive rock band King Crimson. Established to provide a platform for innovative and boundary-pushing artists, 7D Media focuses on producing and distributing high-quality music that defies genre limitations. The label supports a diverse range of musicians and composers, emphasizing creativity and artistic freedom. With Gunn’s extensive experience in the music industry, 7D Media has cultivated a reputation for excellence and a commitment to fostering unique musical voices. 

Joe Deninzon & Stratospheerius online