This four-track EP is my first experience of Quicksilver Night, a project run by guitarist Warren Russell who brings in other musicians as he needs them, although he provides a great many himself. This 3-song release features the wonderful Meagan Finning on vocals, plus Jason Cale on lead guitar plus some acoustic and backing vocals, and is currently available with an additional song when downloaded, the 2016 single “Exeunt” which features Meagan again, but with Milt Gore on lead guitar. The EP starts with the title song and harmony guitars, but while they are driven along by the drums, Meagan comes in over the top with some beautiful double-tracked vocals. It soon becomes apparent that the songs are designed around her wonderful voice, as he provides some incredible soprano high vocals over the top of more controlled symphonic rock vocals – in many ways she reminds me of Floor Jansen. “October Skies” is more acoustic-based, while Meagan again reaches for the high notes, and the use of synthesized fiddles gives this a very Horslips feel as the electric guitars also make their presence felt.

There is again a lot of space within the arrangements, with Meagan always very much front and center. “Homecoming” is more complex, with intricate musical threads, organ, multiple vocal lines, plenty of piano and drums, and feels much more controlled and concise. The final track, “Exeunt”, feels slightly different to the others with more guitars, but given it was recorded some years ago perhaps that isn’t surprising. Meagan’s vocals are still at the forefront of everything which is going on, and it is they that make this EP such a delight. Pop over to Bandcamp and give them a listen as this is well worth hearing and is a great introduction to the work of Warren Russell.    

7/10 Kev Rowland