At the young age of 70, Robert has just released his 6th solo recording, ROBEONE on LABEL.  The keyboardist says, “Robeone is short for Robeoneknobe– a nickname I got years ago at work for being a huge ‘Star Wars’ fan. It stuck and I decided to use it for my music name.’” 

ROBEONE’s Six instrumental keyboard compositions effortlessly flow into different styles of New Age, Jazz, Prog, and Fusion music.  Robert uses a range of keyboard gear including Moog, Mellotron, Kurtzweil, Moog, Mellotron, Yamaha, Roland, Korg, Kurtzweil, Ensonic Roli Seaboard, EMU, and Ashun Sound Machine.   He says: “It’s my wish that this music will take my listeners away from the current times into a musical journey that serves as an opportunity to feel better.”     

Robert has been recording since the early 1970s with progressive rockers Mayson on Bearsville Records, pop-rock acts The States on Chrysalis and Boardwalk Records, the eclectic Tony Romero’s Vortex on Melodic Revolution Records, and the progressive rock group ZOOM with Paul Landry on New Age Music Planet Records. He’s worked with a number of artists—including notables Ronnie Spector and keyboards for Johnny Nash when “I Can See Clearly Now” was a hit.  He played keyboards for the Award-Winning documentary Soundtrack “The Fiery Narrows – Following The Path Of John Charles Fremont.”  

Robert continues to collaborate with many artists…. Recently he had a solo set at ProgStock and will be performing solo, as well, this spring 2022 at RoSFest.  The ProgStock promoters dubbed Robert as the Patron Saint for the Bob Moog Foundation, for connecting them with that North Carolina-based non-profit!     


1.    Don’t Ever Stop Your Heart

2.    Morning Rush

3.    Yesterday Again

4.    Turn Off Your Brain Part 2

5.    Clusters

6.    Halos

Robert Schindler Online

Today’s the Day – ProgStock Tickets on Sale!

Today’s the Day – ProgStock Tickets on Sale!

ProgStock 2021 Ticket Options & On Sale Dates

ProgStock 5-Year Patron Pass 

Available NOW and anytime prior to the start of ProgStock 2021 

Hint: Act now to lock in the best seat this year and for future years at ProgStock…plus many other incredibly awesome perks! 

Starting Saturday, June 12, 2021 @ 12:00pm Eastern Daylight Time

ProgStock 2021 Prog-Ducer 3-Day Pass: $325 USD (plus taxes & fees)

Hint: There are only about 200 seats in our theater this year…so, once these go on sale, don’t wait…act fast! No seats are being saved for Regular passes!

Early access to the lobby each day (30 minutes before regular attendees)
Priority access to all artist meet-and-greets each day (after 5-Year Patrons)
Priority access to all late-night events each day (if capacity is limited)
A special merchandise package (festival t-shirt plus other cool freebies from us)
An exclusive ProgStock 2021 Prog-Ducer wristband

NOTE: If you have any difficulty purchasing tickets, please contact us at (252) 402-5395 or
Starting Saturday, July 10, 2021 @ 12:00pm Eastern Daylight Time 
ProgStock 2021 Regular 3-Day Pass: $225 USD (plus taxes & fees)

Access to all artist meet-and-greets each day
Access to all late-night events each day (as capacity allows)

NOTE: If you have any difficulty purchasing tickets, please contact us at (252) 402-5395 or 

Streaming Options (details to be determined):

Information about live-streaming ProgStock 2021 will be available in September.
Information about on-demand viewing of ProgStock 2021 performances after the festival ends will be provided later this fall.

Current Schedule (subject to change)

Friday, October 1, 2021 At The Hamilton Stage (doors @ 5:00pm)

6:00pm – McNally Waters

8:00pm – Echoes, the American Pink Floyd

Friday Late Night

11:30pm – Total Mass Retain YES Tribute Band

Saturday, October 2, 2021At The Hamilton Stage (doors @ 12:00pm)

12:30pm – The Tea Club
4:00pm – Brand X
8:00pm – McStine & Minnemann & D’Virgilio

Saturday Late Night 11:30pm – Progressive Coffeehouse, featuring:

BeledoRachel FlowersMelanie Mau & Martin Schnella

Sunday, October 3, 2021 At The Hamilton Stage (doors @ 12:00pm)

12:30pm – Steve Unruh & Phideaux Xavier with Valerie Gracious
4:00pm – Jane Getter Premonition
8:00pm – Alan Hewitt & One Nation

Sunday Late Night

11:30pm – Dark Beauty and Potter’s Daughter

ProgStock Ready to Rock the Hamilton Stage, Union County Performing Arts Center, October 1-3, 2021

May 16, 2021 

ProgStock Festival, the American Northeast’s Only International Progressive Rock Festival, will triumphantly return to the stage for its fifth year in 2021. As the world is still emerging from the pandemic, ProgStock 2021 has been designed as a hybrid event, allowing fans to experience the festival in a manner that suits their personal choice. In-person attendance passes include a seat in the theater, access to artist meet-and-greets, and participation in after-parties. For those who wish to (or must) participate virtually from afar, we will offer live streaming and the ability to view performances for a limited time after the festival concludes.

The festival will take place on the weekend of October 1-3, 2021, in the Hamilton Stage building of the Union County Performing Arts Center (UCPAC), located at 360 Hamilton Street, Rahway, New Jersey 07065 (a short walk away from the Main Stage theater on Irving Street). The Hamilton Stage theater is of much smaller capacity than the Main Stage theater, so please act quickly once passes are placed on sale! 

Details of the festival lineup, event timeline, ticket pricing, and partner hotels will be announced over the next few weeks. Passes for 3-day in-person attendance will go on sale in June. Details of how to participate in other viewing options will also be provided this summer.

ProgStock Festival was founded to give artists and fans in the genre of progressive rock a place to play and experience their favorite music in a great environment. ProgStock’s main stage will feature music that most radio hosts would find to be too long and too complex to play on the air. Dancing in 7/8, indeed, is left to fans who are accustomed to calculating high math in their heads. However, the festival presents a variety of rock that can be enjoyed by any music lover.

ProgStock Festival provides the artists, attendees, and their families with a great place to share their talents and love for music in a family-friendly environment. Artists mingle with the fans and share experiences as well as music and art. The venue provides everyone with a comfortable place to listen to music with phenomenal sound. The City of Rahway provides everyone with a hub where they can enjoy the festival, enjoy great food and beverages, shop, relax and recover in a beautiful hotel room, and easily hop on a train from and to Newark International Airport or New York City.

Follow ProgStock
Worldwide web:

ProgStock Presents Virtual Series Announces Virtual ProgStock 2020

ProgStock Festival, the American Northeast’s Only International Progressive Rock Festival, is proud to bring you the ProgStock Presents Virtual Series.

The pandemic has closed music venues and brought in-person live music performances to a screeching halt. Accordingly, we have had to cancel ProgStock 2020. We don’t know how long we will have to wait before it will be truly safe to stage a festival, but we will be back! Meanwhile, we will be bringing music right to you with some great shows from artists performing live in their homes or home studios. The series is being presented every Saturday night, 5PM – 10PM US Eastern and started on August 1, 2020.

The individual performances on StageIt are separate shows. Audience members will purchase a ticket to each performance individually, not the whole night as a block. Some shows will be 45 minutes and others will be 90 (or longer), so we may have as few as three shows or as many as six each night, with some nights starting at 4PM US Eastern to accommodate artists streaming from Europe.

Direct Ticket Link for ProgStock Presents: 
ProgStock Festival on Facebook:

Shows in October feature District 97, Pinnacle, OVRFWRD, Marco Machera (Echotest), Galactic Cowboy Orchestra, Katie Pachnos, Alan Hewitt and One Nation, and more!

On October 10th and 11th, 2020, ProgStock is taking its Virtual Series to the next level by bringing you Virtual ProgStock 2020. ProgStock, the American Northeast’s only international progressive rock festival, will come to you virtually with full-production, full-band performances streamed live from the Hamilton Stage Theatre of the Union County Performing Arts Center in Rahway, New Jersey on October 10th, and from the Temple Stage at Tellus360 in Lancaster, Pennsylvania on October 11th and will feature Total Mass Retain YES Tribute Band, Solar Federation – A Rush Tribute, Mile Marker Zero, Cell15, Gnarbot, and Crack the Sky!

Show times (all times are in US Eastern): 
Saturday, October 10:
1PM: Total Mass Retain – A Yes Tribute
4:30PM: Mile Marker Zero
8PM: Gnarbot

Sunday, October 11:
1PM: Solar Federation – A Rush Tribute
4:30PM: Cell15
8PM: Crack The Sky

StageIt is all about experiencing music in the moment, duplicating the live music experience as closely as possible. You have to be there to see it, just like you would in a venue, so shows are only available on their site during the performance window.

Media Contact: Ann Rinaldi,, (252) 402-5395

Joe Deninzon & Stratospheerius to Debut New Video “Storm Surge” During this weekends ProgStock Presents Virtual Concert Series

Joe Deninzon & Stratospheerius will be live-streaming their first full band performance since March 2020 from a friend’s (Matt Vanacoro) studio! The performance will culminate with the WORLD PREMIERE of a new Song & Video STORM SURGE!

STORM SURGE will NOT be available to the public until late September early October. The band are making this early access to the song an EXCLUSIVE for Virtual Progstock attendees.

You can purchase tickets for the event HERE:

And HERE is the Facebook event for ALL the performances in this series. We encourage you to support all of these renowned artists!

The Story of “Storm Surge”

A little over a year ago, my son Max was playing a short piano piece by 19th-century composer Friedrich Burgmüller, called “The Storm.” The piece was stuck in my head because I would hear him practicing it every day. I started to imagine it as a rock power ballad and began to sketch out a slowed-down version with the basic chord changes and structure.

I was imagining a cello replacing the ostinato part played by the left hand on the piano, so I asked my friend Ruti Celli, who I met on Cruise to the Edge last year when we played with Dave Kerzner and In Continuum, to contribute her beautiful part.

Our drummer, Jason Gianni, had a sketch he never finished that he thought would be a perfect fit in the middle of the song. I layered a huge string orchestra on top of that section and recruited the great guitarist/producer Fernando Perdomoto laid down a soaring guitar solo.

Next, I was hearing a flute during the breakdown section that followed. We have never had a flute, or any woodwinds for that matter, on one of our recordings! I asked the genius multi-instrumentalist Rachel Flowers to play the flute and lay down a piano track for the song. Rachel has been blind since age 3 and plays piano, flute, bass, guitar, drums, stick, sings, and records and mixes her own albums! I’ve met and worked with a lot of gifted people in my career, but don’t think I have ever met a person with this level of talent! Check out the documentary about her, Hearing is Believing, on Amazon Prime.

Finally, I’ve been into the idea of using outside singers inStratospheerius. Up until his time, I have always been the lead vocalist. The new album we are slowly putting together will feature many special guests.

We’ve been longtime fans of the 80’s Canadian band SAGA best known for hits like “Wind Him Up” and “On The Loose.” When we played the afterparty at ProgStock Festival afterparty back in 2018, Saga’s lead singer Michael Sadler caught our set after his performance at the festival, and was raving about the band! We were incredibly humbled to receive such words of encouragement from such an iconic artist.

We felt Michael’s voice would be perfect for this song! He ended up contributing a jaw-dropping vocal performance, enhancing the melody, and adding Queenesque harmonies. As a side note, he and his wife Gwen turned out to be some of the nicest and most gracious people I have ever worked with.

Storm Surge is about the anxiety we all feel in these uncertain times. With the global pandemic, the fight against racism and the continuing struggle for social justice, climate change, political upheaval, economic turmoil, and a future of uncertainty, there is a storm that’s raging inside of us right now.

Stratospheerius is:
Joe Deninzon – lead vocals/electric violin
Jason Gianni- drums
Michelangelo Quirinale – guitar
Paul Ranieri – bass

Storm Surge Video and Single
Special Guests
Michael Sadler: Vocals
Rachel Flowers: Keys and Flute
RutiCelli – Cello
Fernando Perdomo Guitar
Tracked by Rave Tesar (Renaissance)
Mixed and mastered by Rich Mouser (Spocks Beard, Dream Theater)
Label: Melodic Revolution Records

Joe Deninzon & Stratospheerius Online

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Melodic Revolution Records Online:
Website Facebook | Spotify | Twitter | YouTube