Roz Vitalis Psalm 6 and New Album News

The digital release of the newest studio opus “Psalm 6” by Roz Vitalis is a 33-minute 6-track EP.
The concept album is about spiritual quest and emotional upheaval of human being in a situation of strong stress. “Psalm 6” is “a wholesale artistic statement” rather than “a bunch of songs”. 33 minutes of sinking into the spiritual world of human being seeking truth in the times of trouble.  The two longest tracks from EP “Psalm 6” and “Passing Over” – should be (with some adjustments) included in the future full-length release. At the present time the band is recording some additional instruments and prepares stuff for mixing. For financing the band has organized and successfully completed a crowdfunding.
Ivan Rozmainsky
Vladimir Semenov-Tyan-Shansky
Philip Semenov
Vladimir Efimov
Vladislav Korotkikh
Ruslan Kirillov
Yury Khomonenko
Alexey Gorshkov
Psalm 6
Track Listing
1. Psalm 6 08:32
2.Trattamento 1 03:35
3. The Prophet 06:03
4. Denial Of Access 03:43
5. Passing Over 07:07
6. Trattamento 2 04:16
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