The Dowling Poole to release new album

February 28th sees the release of ‘See You See Me’, the third album from eclecto-pop masters, The Dowling Poole. The album follows the release of three singles – ‘Keeping The Stupid Stupid’‘Made In Heaven’ and  ‘Hope’ which also has an accompanying video.

“I guess ‘Hope‘ might be best described as a modern day take on Stoicism”, says Willie Dowling. “After a tumultuous four years and more of earth-shaking world events, following in ever-quickening succession, it occurred to us that it isn’t the disasters and uncertainty that cause despair, so much as the hope that intermittently promises something better, before deserting the scene and hurling us all back into a storm of uncertainty.”

“This new album further stretches the breadth of what we have been interested in musically on our last two albums”, says Jon Poole. “It’s never been a deliberate effort to adapt, it just seems that with each album we end up incorporating hints of styles that we haven’t looked at before, according to what the song of the moment demands of us. I guess it keeps it more interesting for us that way.”

The new album ‘See You See Me’ features ten tracks in total. All songs on ‘See You See Me’ are written and performed by Willie Dowling and Jon Poole, and produced by Willie Dowling.

About The Dowling Poole

The Dowling Poole is formed by songwriters and and multi-instrumentalists Willie Dowling and Jon Poole. Their first album, ‘Bleak Strategies’, was released in 2014. It received critical acclaim including Mojo describing it as “A classic British rock album heavy on powerpop smarts 4/5”. Classic Rock magazine hailed the album as “one of the most gorgeously idiosyncratic records to emerge in years 9/10”.

The second album ‘One Hyde Park’ (released in 2016) is just as beguiling. It received excellent reviews, including: The Sun: “It’s a great pop rock record – don’t miss out.” 4.5 out of 5. Classic Rock: “A uniquely brilliant creation from a breezily talented pair” 9 out of 10. Powerplay Magazine: “Dowling and Poole continue to hit every button that matters; there has to be a place for beautiful music like this. One of the albums of this or any other year.” 10 out of 10.

The third album, ‘See You See Me’, see’s the duo once again explore a multitude of contemporary lyrical themes, often dark, occasionally political in nature, but balanced with bright and complex arrangements, sun-drenched harmonies and instant hooks.

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The Dowling Poole’s third album ‘See You See Me’ is released on February the 28th 2020. Pre-order it here.