Black Orchid Empire share “Evergreen” single + new album details

British rock band Black Orchid Empire share their brand new single “Evergreen” along with a music video. It’s the first single taken from the new studio album “Semaphore” which is scheduled to be released on June 12th, 2020 via Long Branch Records.
“Semaphore” is available for pre-order here:
Watch the video for “Evergreen” here:

Black Orchid Empire guitarist and singer Paul Visser about the new single: “Evergreen is one of our favorite tracks on Semaphore. It’s full of really interesting chord progressions, riffs and melodies that somehow come together and make perfect sense. It came from a guitar riff that I had knocking around for a while that Dave and Billy found a home for. The middle instrumental section is something we haven’t done for a while – it just felt right to take the song on a journey from quite empty and sparse to full-on insanity.
Lyrically, as with all the tracks on Semaphore, it’s a sci-fi story. All of the thematic concepts for the songs came about organically while we were writing – Evergreen is about the idea of a slowly receding island of lush greenery in an otherwise barren wasteland. The last habitable place on a planet, run by the elite, with a band of exiled scavengers living on scraps in the outskirts.
Our good friend Alina Gordienco came up with the video treatment, which portrays an artistic interpretation of the lyric, and shot an incredible narrative sequence in the Ukraine. We were floored with what she put together – it perfectly complements the music and conjures the same visuals we had in our heads for the song. It blew us away!
Although not a traditional single format, Evergreen serves as a great introduction to the wider ideas and musical explorations of the rest of the album.”
Tracklist “Semaphore”:
01 Emissaries
02 Singularity
03 Natural Selection
04 Motorcade
05 Red Waves
06 Heliopause
07 Winter Keeps Us Warm
08 Dust
09 Faces
10 Death From Above
11 Evergreen
12 Monolith
13 Crash
Black Orchid Empire creates huge, memorable rock music that combines heavy-hitting savagery with intense melodic beauty. Their technical, fearlessly complex grooves and gigantic sing-along choruses have already earned them a widespread fanbase.
A ferociously tight live band, Black Orchid Empire, has toured Europe and the UK extensively, recently supporting Skunk Anansie on their sold-out 25th-anniversary shows, including Brixton Academy. These appearances, as well as previous tours with HED p.e, INME, Black Map and Ravenface, combined with festival slots at Download, Standon Calling, Planet Rockstock, Camden Rocks and Taubertal, have sealed the band’s reputation as a force to be reckoned with.
Having released their debut album ‘Archetype’ in 2016 to universal acclaim, Black Orchid Empire signed with German label Long Branch Records to release the follow-up album ‘Yugen’. Both albums received stellar reviews and over 1,000,000+ combined streams. The band is now looking ahead to the future with their next album ‘Semaphore’ – a Sci-Fi concept record that sees them continue to push the musical envelope.
Pre-order the album HERE.
“Beautiful melodies coupled with tear-your-face-off riffs. Bright fresh new stars” Skin, Skunk Anansie
“Unbeatable in-your-face talent” MOSH
“Wicked, behemoth tunes” POWERPLAY