Evership Album Update

Pictured here is James and Shane Atkinson preparing to record guitars for Evership’s 3rd and 4th albums

The recording is going well for Evership’s next project: a two-hour, two-album rock opera adapted from a work by American author Harold Bell Wright in the previous turn of the century. He has the distinction of being the first American author to gross a million dollars from fiction writing and sell a million copies of a novel! More than fifteen movies were made from his stories.

Music composition and demos are done. Lyrics are three-quarters complete. Drums are half-way. The Evership II band is back; Ben Young will be recording bass guitar this month on Part I. Acoustic guitars will be recorded on music row in Nashville in March with John Rose. Last weekend Shane went to Atlanta to record brother-magic (lead guitars) with his brother James.

In other news
Evership’s Shane Atkinson was interviewed with around twenty other modern progressive rock artists (including among others, Robert Berry, Echo Test, Soul Enema, Magenta, Life After Mars, Wobbler) in a new book by Vasileios Yfantis entitled “Is Prog Rock Really Progressive?”. Shane lays out some insights on the matter. You can support this project on Amazon; in paperback and ebook. Very interesting to hear all the different takes on this subject!