Simon Collins and Kelly Nordstrom announce new band eMolecule 

It has been a decade since the release of Dimensionaut the critically-acclaimed debut album from Sound of Contact.  Now, former SoC members Simon Collins and Kelly Nordstrom return with the new band eMolecule and the debut album The Architect which will be released on InsideOutMusic on February 10th, 2023.
You can watch the video for the first single “eMolecule” here:

Simon Collins on the new band and album:
“During the creative process of making this record, I discovered an even deeper part of my creative self I never knew existed. This album is the sign of a creative force both Kelly and I have come to discover. For the first time throughout working together for 18 years, we are perfectly aligned. Working with Kelly on this project has produced some of the most meaningful music I’ve created, and I believe represents some of my life’s best work to date.”
Kelly Nordstrom had this to say:
“Simon and I have been working together for almost 20 years. The personal connection between Simon and I is exemplified by the quality of songwriting on this album. The music on our first offering as a duo is the best I have ever been a part of. As a guitarist, the inspiration behind this album is unparalleled. As a songwriter, this is the best opportunity I have ever had to explore the meaning of life.”

1. eMolecule 10:43
2. The Architect 6:05
3. Prison Planet 4:58
4. Mastermind 8:39
5. Dosed 5:07
6. The Turn 5:56
7. Awaken 5:09
8. Beyond Belief 4:47
9. The Universal 6:03
10. My You 5:27
11. Moment of Truth 6:56

‘The Architect‘ is available for pre-order now here:

The two long-time collaborators met in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada in 2005 and have been working together ever since. Originally brought together to work on Simon’s solo career, the spark of creativity between Simon and Kelly was undeniable. They soon began writing original material together, much of which would end up on Dimensionaut.

With a successful progressive rock album under their belts, Simon and Kelly were determined to continue the work they started with Sound of Contact. During the UK production of Simon’s 4th solo album “Becoming Human”, Kelly recorded a demo of the song “eMolecule” in a flurry of inspiration. With this new offering, Simon and Kelly decided their way forward was as a duo and they would pool their best material under the name eMolecule.

In the summer of 2020, Emolecule decided it was time to begin work on their debut album and that it was to be a concept album. Meeting in person at Simon’s studio in Ireland, the duo spent a solid month writing the concept and music start to finish. Over the following months, they completed writing, producing and performing ‘The Architect’ both remotely and together in Ireland.

The Architect features intense, heavy guitar and drum performances as well as deep, atmospheric and emotionally driven arrangements. From start to finish, Emolecule’s first offering captivates the listener with infectious vocals, dynamic guitars and ultra-modern production from the epic opening track ‘eMolecule” to the powerful climax of the closing track “Moment of Truth”. This band and album are set to take the listener to another dimension.

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Simon Collins And Kelly Nordstrom Leave Sound Of Contact

In a statement on the Sound of Contact Facebook Page
“Hi all, Simon here. We are very sorry to deliver this news, but Kelly Avril Nordstrom and I have decided to leave Sound of Contact for reasons we can not share out of respect to the rest of the band. We will be releasing a proper statement from the entire band shortly. We have no words to describe how sorry we are to all our fans. You will hear more from us shortly.”

In a statement of Dave Kerzner facebook page

“Ok! Now that my band rehearsals today are over I can finally share the unfortunate news that Simon and Kelly have left SOC. I haven’t even had a chance to fully process the news myself as I’m in the middle of preparing my own show coming up on CTTE and NAMM. (As if I didn’t have enough going on! But, I’m ok.) Fortunately, I have great fans, friends, and family who are so kind and supportive during moments like this.

Anyway, look, it’s no secret the band has had its difficulties for many years, some of them publicly known and some things are only known by us. As you might expect there are going to be things we don’t want to say because airing our dirty laundry or throwing anyone under the bus can get ugly and I don’t see the point in that. I’ll defend myself if I have to but since that line up has openly announced it has fallen apart, I’m prepared to just accept it and wish them well.

What’s going to happen next? I really don’t know as I wasn’t expecting the band to be left to just Matt and I. I had no desire to take over the band or anything like that. I’m quite happy with the DKB! SOC to me was about working with these guys so now I don’t know anymore. What I do know is that more music will continue to be made from all of us regardless what it’s called. What I’ve heard from Simon on his solo album (that Kelly played on) sounds great. Those are his songs and in my opinion, it’s a worthy follow up to his previous 3 solo albums. I wish them well with that and anything else they’re doing. I hope SOC fans will continue to support all of us in our musical endeavors whether it’s in any combination together or apart.

It is a shame the follow-up SOC album we were making probably won’t come out as planned. We each brought in some cool material that I imagine will see the light of day at some point on something somewhere. Just not what we had hoped for which was the original line-up reunited to do an album that fans of Dimensionaut would love. I did my best to help make it work but it wasn’t just up to me. It was up to all four of us and we simply weren’t able to do it. This is not what I wanted to happen. But, I accept it. The only thing I can think of to do is to carry on making and performing my music. I work with a lot of talented people and I’m both lucky and grateful. Thanks! – Dave

According to Wikipedia
Sound of Contact is a British-based progressive rock band consisting of members Simon Collins (lead vocals, drums, percussion), Matt Dorsey (guitars, bass), Dave Kerzner (keyboards, guitars), and Kelly Nordstrom (guitars, bass). Formed in 2009, the band released their debut album in May 2013.

Co-founding members of the band, Simon Collins and Dave Kerzner, met in New York at rehearsals for the music group Genesis in 2006. While Genesis was on tour during 2007, Collins and Kerzner, along with Kelly Nordstrom, recorded a cover of the 1981 Genesis song, “Keep It Dark,” as a tribute to Collins’ father, Phil Collins, The younger Collins then developed his 2008 solo album, U-Catastrophe in association with Kerzner and Nordstrom, who contributed to the album as songwriters and performers. Collins met Matt Dorsey through their record label while forming a touring band for his U-Catastrophe tour. Nordstrom, meanwhile, had worked with Collins for several years as a guitarist, bassist and songwriter, contributing to his 2005 album, Time For Truth as well as U-Catastrophe. In 2009, Collins approached Kerzner about forming a band. After enlisting help from Nordstrom and Dorsey, work began on their first project as a band in Miami, Florida, with the end result being their first album, Dimensionaut. After the album’s release, Nordstrom made the decision to leave the band due to family commitments. Following several months of touring and promotion, Kerzner announced his departure from the band in January 2014 in order to concentrate on his company Sonic Reality and pursue his own music projects. Kerzner and Nordstrom rejoined the band in April 2015 and began working with Collins and Dorsey in Oxfordshire on the group’s second album, but on January 20, 2018, Collins and Nordstrom both announced their departure from the group. The future of the band is in doubt.

SOUND OF CONTACT – Pale Blue Dot (OFFICIAL VIDEO). Taken from the album “Dimensionaut”. InsideOutMusic 2014.