Phideaux Offers Entire (Digital) Music Catalog for Free

Hey friends,
I want to invite you to my Bandcamp where all my releases are now FREE
Phideaux Xavier 

This includes such classics as Snowtorch, Doomsday Afternoon, The Great Leap and more, 9 albums 2 samplers and a hand full of singles in total including the highly acclaimed album Infernal released in 2018

Phideaux Xavier is a progressive rock musician whose unique musical style gained the attention of the progressive rock community in the US and Europe upon the 2007 release of his Doomsday Afternoon album, the second installment of a trilogy that began in 2006 with The Great Leap. Phideaux is now back with a new album and back on stage with his full band.

The new double album, Infernal, is the final and eagerly awaited chapter in Phideaux’s trilogy, and a fitting finale to his carefully crafted “eco terror tale”. 

This group of ten musicians is comprised of many childhood friends and comrades who have played on his more recent albums. Together, the band tackles a kaleidoscope of haunting vocals, multiple keyboards and upbeat, intricate, rock music. The group is comprised of:

Ariel Farber / Vocals, Violin
Valerie Gracious / Lead Vocals, Piano
“Bloody” Rich Hutchins / Drums
Matthew Kennedy / Bass Guitar
Gabriel Moffat / Electric Guitar
Molly Ruttan / Vocals, Percussion
Linda Ruttan-Moldawsky / Vocals
Mark Sherkus / Keyboards
Johnny Unicorn / Vocals, Keyboards, Saxophone
Phideaux Xavier / Lead Vocals, Piano, Acoustic Guitar

Phideaux to Release “Infernal” in September: Double the Doom and Twice the Fun

Los Angeles, CA July 20, 2018 — US-based artist Phideaux Xavier makes his long-awaited return from a seven-year hiatus with Infernal. The much-anticipated release is a double album of fear, terror, and perhaps a ray of hope that will finally see the light of day on September 9, 2018.

Phideaux is an art rock band that specializes in melodic, eclectic music.  The band is centered around several childhood friendships and the music of Phideaux Xavier.  They proudly wear their influences on their sleeves, they search for unique combinations of sounds and textures, creating albums that they hope will lure you on a surprising sonic trip.  They love classic guitar, quirky keyboards, beautiful vocals, heavy drums and occasional musical trickery; tragic, doomy, serious, silly, pretentious songs that you can hum!  Each of their albums presents a different side, a separate piece of the puzzle, but they all contain soundscapes for those who love to listen beneath the surface.

Infernal will be available in double red vinyl as well as 2 CDs in a gatefold mini-LP format.

Infernal is the final installment of Phideaux’s trilogy of albums that began in 2006 with The Great Leap.

The second installment, Doomsday Afternoon, was a bombastic and complex opus, utilizing a 12 piece section of the Los Angeles Philharmonic Orchestra among a bevy of other musicians, old and new. Released in 2007, Doomsday garnered the attention of the progressive rock communities in the US and Europe. The many accolades and increasing interest led to invitations for Phideaux to play various festivals, including England’s own Summers End.

While Phideaux has released other albums since Doomsday Afternoon (Seven, Snowtorch), Infernal returns to the stunning artwork and musical DNA from which the first two albums in the trilogy were created. The singular “eco-terror tale” continues with Infernal. Cryptic, melodic, mysterious and frightening, this new release is all one might hope to find within Phideaux’s new double creation. Infernal is “the end we saw begin”. At last.

Meanwhile, Phideux has released an EP “we only have eyes for you

This is the first new release from Phideaux for several years, this EP introduces some tracks from the upcoming “Infernal” and presents alternate versions, unreleased material and a live track for good measure. .