Iranian Electronica/Space Rock duo SIX DAYS END Announce October 16th as the Release Date for their debut Album “In Between Two Nothings”

The album “In Between Two Nothings” will be released on ToughRecords after releasing two of the songs as singles “Stranger Within” and “Everyone Turned to Picture”

SIX DAYS END was founded in 2018 when Parsa Fayal (born 6 may 1992 Tehran, Iran) and Armin Namdar (born 1 july 1992 Tehran, Iran) met each other in a mixing & mastering course in Tehran, when the two found out they have similar taste in music, Parsa invited Armin for jamming in the spring of 2018, after that Parsa offered Armin to start a new musical project

They started writing and recording their debut album “In Between Two Nothings” in May 2018 and they were ready to release it in the Winter of 2019, due to the Covid-19-pandemic they decided to postpone the official release date to 16 October 2020. As the band’s co-founder Parsa Fayal explains: “We weren’t able to release anything, the country was in protests because of the gas price, and then the Ukrainian Plane shot down by Iran’s forces, the people and we were in such a deep sorrow, then the Coronavirus reached to our borders and everything was so complicated we were locked down, we couldn’t book any place to perform our music, so we decided to postpone the release date and we released two singles instead in support of our album.”

The album’s concept is about a person who decides to leave the place he lives in, searching for true freedom and happiness, as he finds his path into the woods, he begins to think why he’s not happy yet and why he feels more sorrow and more pain, he discovers that leaving everything behind wasn’t the answer and he is imprisoned by his thoughts, he became a lunatic a wanderer in the deserts, remembering memories as he finds out the sun shines on him but there’s no shadow of him, he begins to think maybe he’s not real and doesn’t exist, so he asks the shining sun about his truth. Due to loneliness and the depression he starts to hallucinate his beloved ones in a frame like a picture, despite being lonely he understands the problem is not with the city and the place he lived in, the problem is the nature of human being, he understands that mankind always looks for violence, always takes more than what may be needed, and freedom was never real and was a lie, mankind is a slave of desires that make people to bring war everywhere, so

he imagines himself in a limbo between two nothings and leaves the world he once knew behind.

The project may be considered as Electronic music, but they’d rather to call it a Musical Event, as Parsa Fayal explains: We started to write Electroni/IDM songs but as we progressed to finish the album we wrote much more Progressive/Space Rock songs but we tried to maintain the electronic style atmosphere, no one knows about the future works, it may deliver a whole different genre, We try to combine these elements to write unique music.”

In Between Two Nothings (49:35) (all tracks are written and produced by Parsa Fayal and Armin Namdar)

1 – Human Touch 8:43
Parsa Fayal: Synths, Drum Programming, Rhodes, Armin Namdar: Vocals, Back Vocals, Drum Programming, Pads, FX 2 – 

Chaotic Thoughts 2:18
Parsa Fayal: Synths, Pads, Armin Namdar: Pads, Words, FX,

3 – Chaotic Awareness 6:11
Parsa Fayal: Synths, Drum Programming Armin Namdar: Pads, Drum Programming

4 – Stranger Within 7:26
Parsa Fayal: Guitars, Bass Guitar, Synths, FX, Drum Programming, Armin Namdar: Vocals, Back Vocals, Piano,

5 – Everyone Turned to Picture 6:49
Parsa Fayal: Synths, Clean Lead Guitar, Bass Guitar, Armin Namdar: Guitars, Solo Guitar(overdrive), Synths, Pads, String Arrangement, FX

6 – In Between Two Nothings 18:08
Parsa Fayal: Guitars, Lead Guitar, Bass Guitar, Drum Programming, Pads, Synths, Back Vocals, Armin Namdar: Vocals, Keys, Hammond Organ, Drum Programming, words,

Mixed by: Parsa Fayal and Armin Namdar Mastered by: Ramin Pir
Artworks by: Farshad Mohammadpour

The Album will be released on all major platforms like Spotify, etc and will be available in the band’s bandcamp account as digital and hard copies. The CD comes with a 16 pages booklet with digital paintings and band’s biography and will be available in bandcamp and to order.

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Legendary CAN Vocalist DAMO SUZUKI Teams Up With German Space Rockers JELLY PLANET On A New Album!

Los Angeles, CA – Damo Suzuki, former lead vocalist for the massively influential krautrock band Can, has famously retired from studio recording. However, he continues to perform live concerts made up solely of compositions improvised entirely on the spot. These bold and fearless performances have enthralled audiences around the globe and brought newfound attention to Suzuki’s incredible talent. Purple Pyramid Records is proud to present a new chapter in Suzuki’s ongoing musical explorations, a stunning collaboration with a German quartet of Can neophytes, going by the very Can-esque name of Jelly Planet. After performing live with Damo, the band was able to coax the singer into their studio for a fully improvised full-length recording. Unlike previous Suzuki recordings, the studio setting gave the performers full control over every aspect of the recording ensuring that every nuance, inflection, and dynamic could be heard. The result is an album of incredible sonic quality and an authentically mind-blowing exploration into the outer edges of space rock! The self-titled album, Damo Suzuki & Jelly Planet, will be available on CD, vinyl (as a double LP set) and in digital formats starting February 2.

Track List:
1. Wildschweinbraten (27:59)
2. Venushügel (34:51)

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Gandalf’s Fist To Reissue Universal Wanderer

Gandalf’s Fist To Reissue Universal Wanderer

Gandalf’s Fist will reissue their 2013 album A Day In The Life Of A Universal Wanderer in September featuring new track The Stowaway And The Endless Night.


Gandalf’s Fist Begin Pre-Orders “Universal Wanderer” Special Edition Re-issue

Gandalf’s Fist have announced a special deluxe re-issue of their 2013 space-rock offering “A Day in the Life of a Universal Wanderer”.

The expanded album has been fully remixed and remastered from the ground up, utilizing new performance takes and bringing the release firmly in line with the sonic palette of 2014’s “A Forest of Fey” and 2016’s “The Clockwork Fable”.

The record also features new and re-recorded narrative tracks from British Actor Mark Benton, who had previously worked with the band on last year’s Triple-CD album release.

Completing the package is the brand new, exclusive track “The Stowaway and the Endless Night”, an 11 minute opus originally omitted from the original release, as well as brand new cover art commissioned from German artist Thomas Huth, the man reasonable for the band’s sleeves on the last two releases.

Gandalf’s Fist front man, Dean Marsh, commented:

“This is the album people seem to have been desperate for us to re-release on CD format and we were reluctant to do so until we could finally do it right and do it justice. This is not a pointless ‘CGI-Yoda’ retrospective tinkering, we’ve retained the main core of what we originally created, but now with a bit more sheen and more energy. It now works as a cohesive piece. A real thrill for me was to hear the synth violin sections being re-recorded by orchestral musicians, It’s those little touches that have lifted the record to another level. I think we’ve finally got it to a stage where we’re proud to let it sit on the shelf next to our last two albums!”

“A Day in the Life of a Universal Wanderer (Special Edition)” will be released on 18th September 2017. Pre-orders for the album are now available, including limited edition t-shirt packages exclusive to official pre-orders.

Gandalf’s Fist are a fully self-funded independent Progressive Rock band from the UK.
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3rd Ear Experience Release Video The Return of the Peacock

The Return of the Peacock is from the upcoming album 3rd Ear Experience album – Stones of a Feather.

stones of a feather

Track Listing
01. Flight Of The Annunaki 10:07
02. The Old Woman’s Dance 08:06
03. Return Of The Peacock 09:55
04. Chungo 09:16
05. The Balladeer’s Tale 16:01
06. Everlasting Sea (Vinyl only!) 04:50

07. Spacetripping (live) 20:02

3rd Ear Experience Is

Robbi Robbi, Amritakripa, Alan Dude Swanson, Richard Stuverud, Dino Archon, Dug Pinnick, Eric Ryan, Joey Vera, Butch Reynolds, Jorge Bassman,



Sendelica // The Pavilion of Magic and the Trial of the Seven Surviving Elohim // Featured album of the Week

Originally Released as a CD-R Only Album In 2011 On Our Own Frg Records. Now Re-Issued On Sunhair Records As An Expanded Edition With Extra Tracks As A Double Vinyl and CD Release
Release Date Sept 1st 2016


[bandcamp width=100% height=439 album=4202120506 size=large bgcol=ffffff linkcol=0687f5 artwork=none]


Pete Bingham- Guitar/ Electronics.
Glenda Pescado- Bass.
Colin Consterdine- Programing/ Electronics.
Lee Relfe- Saxamaphones.
Meurig Griffiths – Drums,
Lord Armstrong sealand – theremin.