Murky Red’s No Pocus Without Hocus (Special CD Edition) Now Available for Pre-Order

Melodic Revolution Records and Murky Red are thrilled to announce that  ‘No Pocus Without Hocus’ is now available for pre-order.

‘No Pocus Without Hocus’ will be housed in special packaging and will be a limited release of 100 copies, and  features 3 never before released tracks as bonus material. Special pre-order price. $10 + Shipping.

Bonus Tracks:
I Came A Long Way is a never before released powerful live recording.  Dromedaric Expantion is a brand new track. Galadriel Orchestral Version. Galadriel originally appeared on the bands highly acclaimed debut album ‘No More Time’ and has been a fan favorite,  the band knew this track was special and had so much more to offer, so the band have reworked the song with Orchestration, proving that a good song can better with age. 

The original version  of ‘No Pocus Without Hocus’ featured 11 tracks and was originally released as a Digital only album on 10/26/2015


Special CD Edition Track Listing

  1. Pixelated Friends
  2. Stoned And Horny
  3. Sweet Dark Hypnosis
  4. She’s Crying Diamonds
  5. Nothing Can Go Wrong
  6. A Wooden Groove
  7. Collateral Damage (feat. Colin Tench on lead guitar)
  8. Bad Wolf Of The Pack
  9. Wild Flower
  10. Mermaids
  11. Elena
  12. I Came A Long Way (Live) Bonus Track
  13. Dromedaric Expantion (Brand New Track) Bonus Track
  14. Galadriel Orchestral Version (Brand New Version) Bonus Track

Music and lyrics by Stef Flaming
Recorded in the Murky Red Studios, Belgium
Mixing and mastering: Colin Tench, Stoned Bun Studios Sweden
© 2016 Murky Red Music


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