Kinetic Element – The Face of Life Revealed

Martin Kornick at Man In The Mountain known for his work for such acts as PINNACLE, KEITH EMERSON BAND, TRANSATLANTIC is back in the saddle again working on the new Kinetic Element album art for “The Face of Life“. We have been given permission to release the front cover art.

Martin Kornick also created the album art for the two previous Kinetic Element albums Travelog (2015) and Powered by Light (2009)

Fred Schendel and Steve Babb are also back in the saddle and best known as members with US prog band Glass Hammer, Fred and Steve will be handling the mix and mastering for The Face of Life at SOUND RESOURCES in Chattanooga TN (USA) Fred and Steve were responsible for the mix and mastering of Travelog (2015)

The Face of Life” will be released on CD and High-Resolution Digital and for the first time in the band’s history on Vinyl and will feature the following songs
– Face of Life
– All Open Eyes
– Epistle
– Last Words

Kinetic Element
St. John Coleman: Vocals
Mike Visaggio: Keyboards & Vocals
Mark Tupko: Bass
Michael Murray: Drums & Backing Vocals
Peter Matuchniak: Guitar

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Kinetic Element Announce New Guitarist

OK, friends and fans of KE, we are thrilled to announce that the brilliant Peter Matuchniak of the Gekko Project, the Steppes and, his new group Bomber Goggles has consented to be the guitarist on the new CD we are building these days, and join Kinetic Element.


Peter was recommended to us by several of our fans when Todd Russell decided to discontinue his association with us after nine years and three festivals. We were contacted by seven world-class guitarists, but when we got about ten suggestions to contact Peter, I did so, and we have hit it off very well.

Peter has completed replacing Todd’s guitar work on the last epic we finished called All Open Eyes. As great as Todd’s work is, Peter has exceeded it and the rest of us are just euphoric that he is going to be on the new CD. He is working on fixing a couple of parts and when I get the corrected and mixed file back from him I will post it so you can hear it.

We are hoping to get this record completed during 2018 so we will have it out there early in 2019. It appears Peter will be available to perform with us if we should be so fortunate as to land a festival date. Of course, he lives in California and we are 3000 miles away in Virginia. How we will play out in our own area remains to be seen.

St. John Coleman: Vocals
Mike Visaggio: Keyboards & Vocals
Mark Tupko: Bass
Michael Murray: Drums & Backing Vocals
Peter Matuchniak: Guitar

Please visit Peter at his and help us extend a welcome into the KE universe to him.

We ask you to please share this around to any prog groups you frequent, or just share it out there in general.

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In a Statement from Peter

Thank you, Mike and everyone at Kinetic Element. This is a real honour (and an honor) to play with you all. I love the music that is shaping up on this new album. Todd is a fantastic guitarist with big shoes to fill, but I relish the challenge the music and opportunity present. These guys are very classy and I appreciate the warm welcome.

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