Captain of the Lost Waves to Release First Single From Upcoming Album in February 2024

We are thrilled to announce that the first official single “Success In Failure” from the upcoming “Beautiful Ugly” album will be released on Wednesday 7th February 2024

In related news, a New Album Crowded Funding Project has been launched to help pay for the completion of the stunning new album “Beautiful Ugly”.

The Captain makes his return nearly 18 months after a life-changing road traffic accident where both he and his family were caught up in a police car chase resulting in being hit by the stolen vehicle. 

During the challenges of such a stark rehabilitation, music was miraculously still being created, albeit in a very slow, labored, and somewhat sedate ‘late-night fashion’. Where strong painkillers/opioids became ‘married’ to those rare and fleeting moments of energetic impulses that screamed out to be expressed – hence a reflective, healing, contemplative album emerged.

The 9-track album Beautiful Ugly will be released on the bespoke American label Melodic Revolution Records in Sept 2024. It was made with just 3 players, The Captain on Voice/Bouzouki/Guitar, Damian Clark on Keys/Synths, and Wendy Ross on Violin.

Being a writer who follows such persistent whispers, prods, and an almost otherworldly invitation with a deep reverence to the process, The Captain felt compelled to realise this album into existence despite the circumstances that prevailed.

A crowdfunding campaign has inevitably begun in light of all that has preceded. All monies paying for production, recording, design, engineering, mastering. promotion costs etc. 

If you would like to help in any way or be involved please go to

You can be an essential part of the crowdfunding journey and any donation, however big or small, is welcome. The single £3, price of a coffee is often as vital to the overall picture as those larger gifts.

About Captain Of The Lost Waves
The Captain is a troubadour, storyteller, and free-thinking renegade.  His musical offerings are inspired by the great songwriters and philosophers of yesteryear.  This is visceral music for the mind and body, full of dreamy verses, life-affirming choruses, and sheer audacity. Where melodic invention meets alternative folk, progressive, world, and ambient sounds. 

He is not just the figurehead of his musical vessel, he’s ringmaster, bard, master of ceremonies, and sage. There’s far more to him and his absurdly engaging world than any of your ten–a–penny musical stars. Seen through showers of glitter, kaleidoscopic lens flares, and the rainbows of a million puddles. The Captain tells sonic stories to connect with everyone past, present, and future.   
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Solo Releases as Shaun T. Hunter 
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