VOYAGER IV confirmed for Night of the Prog Festival

The Night of the Prog festival is showcased at The Loreley Amphitheater is a UNESCO World Heritage and holds legendary ROCKPALAST shows in the 70s and 80s. On the hill of the River Rhine, it is located between Frankfurt and Cologne in Germany. Since 2006 the Night of the Prog Festival is happening at the legendary rock.

Featured bands and artists over the last years were: Dream Theater, Eloy, IQ, Riverside, Jethro Tull, Asia, Anathema, Steven Wilson, Spock’s Beard, Arena, Pendragon, Tangerine Dream, Fish, Steve Hackett, Marillion and many more.

VOYAGER IV will perform Sunday, 19th July at Night of the Prog 2020 promoting their current release Pictures at an Exhibition

The classic piano-cycle “Pictures At An Exhibition” by Modest Mussorgsky from 1874 was only the start of an exciting musical journey. VOYAGER IV then just stop along the way at 70ies supergroup ELP (Emerson, Lake & Palmer), who reworked three of Mussorgsky’s “pictures” for their album “Pictures At An Exhibition” back in 1971.

Arriving in the 21st century, those three and further five of the “pictures” can be found on VOYAGER IV’s most recent album and live shows, reworked with vocals and virtuous instrumentation. London based producer Jon Caffrey is responsible for the fresh sound design.

They have a stunning light show, special and rarely seen instruments and they create a mix of cosmic space rock sounds and vocal arrangements plus instrumental passages. VOYAGER IV is one of the most exciting cross-over projects within the prog genre. Singer and songwriter Johannes Kuchta also has a stunning voice, that reminds fans of Peter Gabriel, Greg Lake, Phil Collins or Fish.

“Really enjoyed the new album! Some very bold and adventurous avenues taken with Modest Mussorgsky. I always enjoy listening to someone’s interpretations of otherwise well-known themes. I like that fact that you incorporated those ideas in your own way and varied them enough to make it your own. Well done!”
Marc Bonilla (recorded 4 albums with Keith Emerson)

VOYAGER IV will perform on Sunday, 19th July 2020


MARCUS SCHINKEL (Piano / Keyboards)
JOHANNES KUCHTA (Vocals / Drums)

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Other shows include
Voyager IV – Pictures At An Exhibition Tour
Friday, February 21, 2020, at 8 PM
Kesselhaus & Maschinenhaus (Kulturbrauerei) Schönhauser Allee 36, 10435 Berlin, Germany

Voyager IV – Pictures At An Exhibition Tour
Friday, April 17, 2020, at 8 PM
Unna Lindenbrauerei 59174 Kamen

Tony Palmer & Tangerine Dream “Live At Coventry Cathedral 1975” Deluxe Box Set Now Available For Pre-order

An exclusive box set of Tangerine Dream’s “Live at Coventry Cathedral 1975” filmed and directed by Tony Palmer.

London – In December 1974 Tangerine Dream were invited to play in the grand setting of Rheims Cathedral, a move certainly seen at the time as groundbreaking. They were then invited to perform in the cathedrals of York, Liverpool and Coventry. The tour attracted unprecedented coverage in the media, especially at Coventry Cathedral, an iconic building rising like a phoenix on the ruins of the old cathedral bombed to bits by the Germans in 1940 (Tangerine Dream is, after all, a German band) as a celebration of peace and reconciliation, as well as a lasting showcase for great contemporary art.

The nave is dominated by a gigantic tapestry by Graham Sutherland, the main door dwarfed by a sculpture of St Michael & The Devil by Jacob Epstein, and the consecration in 1962 heard the first performance of Britten’s incomparable War Requiem. To their lasting credit, Tangerine Dream contributed to this celebration.

This DVD features the live recording soundtrack (unlike the previous issue), and also contains footage of Tangerine Dream from the legendary music programme, All You Need is Love. It will be welcomed by the massive Tangerine Dream fan base, and also seen for what it is – a meeting of cultures and for a brief moment in time, a time where the past met both the present and the future.

This deluxe box set brings together both the film DVD and memorabilia together for the first time, along with a signed and numbered certificate by Tony Palmer the Director.

To pre-order:


22 January 2018…Musician and composer Chris Wirsig, the founder of the critically acclaimed group no:carrier, has recorded a full-length album inspired by science and the music of the late Edgar Froese of Tangerine Dream. Starshot will be released on February 23, 2018.

For Starshot, Wirsig drew from the legacy of the Berlin School style and its artists who influenced him, from Tangerine Dream to Klaus Schulze (who gets his own dedication in the songs “Ode To KS” and “KS2”). The album, dedicated to the late Edgar Froese, also reflects Wirsig’s fascination with science and space travel, drawing inspiration from the discovery of exoplanets and possible future colonization of other planets. With this, the album is also a hat tip to organizations like NASA and Space-X.

“Breakthrough Starshot,” for example, is a research and engineering project that wants to develop a proof-of-concept fleet of light sail spacecraft that should be capable of making a journey to the Alpha Centauri star system where Proxima Centauri b, an Earth-sized exoplanet in the habitable zone of the star system, is located.

Says Wirsig, “I’m hoping that I will see these efforts come to fruition, partly because I always liked that Star Trek idea of exploring space while making mankind a better and more humane species, and partly because I feel that mankind might need to go to other planets one day to escape an Earth that is no longer habitable.”

Mission Control
Proxima Centauri b
Chasing Dawn
Breakthrough Starshot
Fomalhaut b
Ode To KS
Hot Jupiter
Like Distant Memories

Wirsig is a key player in the international music community. A classically trained musician, he also has 20 years of experience in music production. He is the founder of the critically-acclaimed electro-noir band no:carrier and electronica-chill out project Virtual Conformity. He was an editor of Keys Magazine and started the first German fair-trade record label, NovaTune. With Counter Communications, a music library he owns with his wife focusing on dark, intense soundscapes, Wirsig’s music has been placed in games like “Alien Tribe 2”  (top ten iPad game), short film 20 Matches, and in TV shows on ABC, E!, Audience Network/DirecTV and more.

Two songs from Starshot are streaming on Bandcamp now (, and the pre-sale on all platforms starts on February 26, 2018. It will be fully available at all digital retailers on February 23, 2018.