Temple of Switches – Freon Suitcase – Featured Video

“This music is not meant to be listened to on a telephone.” Heed those words, which come at the end of the liner notes for Four, the fourth album from California’s Temple of Switches. This is mysterious, majestic music that deserves to be played through the loudest speakers you can find.” – Michael Popke, Sea of Tranquility

The name Temple of Switches was coined in 2012 by Tenk Van Dool. Temple of Switches is an independent band and the creative outlet for producer and musician Van Dool.

The band is comprised of a group of musicians that have been friends since the late 1970s (Kevin McConnell and David White) as well as other talented guest musicians from outside the group (Clara Hembree and Craig Camp from the band Circle of Dominion, Gaetano Nicolosi from Iron Horse, Amanda Lehmann from Steve Hackett’s band).

Their music is dark, contemplative, dissonant, melancholy, heavy, sarcastic, and unrestrained. Their studio recordings tend to be edgy and dynamic. Their compositions draw from jazz influences while retaining an element of heaviness and adrenaline. Their last two consecutive albums have earned them “Featured artist of the month” on progrock.com.

The latest release entitled “IV” has earned them excellent reviews from Prog Archives and Sea of Tranquility among others, and the song “The Unfurling” is in the running for best composition for 2021 on Friday Night Progressives Indie Prog Awards. The haunting song “The Wind” features Amanda Lehmann on vocals.

Temple of Switches – Self-Titled (2015)
Helium Parade (2017)
The Wings of Mind (2020)
IV (2022)

Website: https://templeofswitches.com/home
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/TenkVanDool/
Bandcamp: https://tenkvandool.bandcamp.com/music
YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC8XbKRBlIEOVQjuvv0gns9g
Prog Archives: http://www.progarchives.com/artist.asp?id=9646