By Kev Rowland

Here we have the follow-up to the Bristol band’s debut album, 2016’s ‘Fed To The Lions’. That album established them as one of the most electrifying new bands around, and with ‘Change Your Position’ being released on Nuclear Blast Records, that reputation will surely grow. The line-up comprises Alex Veale (vocals, guitars), Antonio Angotti (bass, backing vocals), JP Jacyshyn (guitars, backing vocals) and Jack Taylor (drums, backing vocals), but they actually credit producer Evansson as the fifth member of the band as he contributes so much. “In my mind, this is what a modern guitar band would sound like,” says Alex. “We’re influenced by so many different genres. It’s no secret that guitar music is struggling generally. We’re on a mission to help keep it alive and well.”

They have drawn on influences as diverse as  Queens Of The Stone Age and White Denim through to David Bowie and Prince, then bring it all up to date. Actually, the single thing that distresses me most about this album is the cover photograph. I mean, it’s not exactly rock and roll is it? But, in many ways, it also sums up the band in their refusal to conform as they can move from music that has an obvious funk groove to something that is far darker and immensely heavy, yet all the time retaining their own identity. Each time I play “All That Medicine” I am reminded of Living Color, as the groove just drips through it all, but then they can lay it down and become a metallic monster. These guys just refuse to conform, and also can’t wait to get back out on tour. “The best part about music is seeing bands play live,” says Jack. “It’s what The Beatles and the Stones and those other great bands were doing back in the 60s. It’s what The Hives and The Bronx and other electrifying live bands which inspired us more recently were doing. We’re creating music for people who want to go and experience that.” Catch them if you can, both with this album and onstage, just don’t spend too long looking at the cover.


Rick Wakeman To Release New Studio Album In 2017

Piano PortraitsMulti-million-selling keyboard icon returns with ‘Piano Portraits’ in 2017

Revered keyboardist, songwriter and broadcaster Rick Wakeman will release his new solo album Piano Portraits on January 13th 2017. Prompted by the unprecedented reaction to his performance of David Bowies ‘Life on Mars’ on BBC Radio 2 earlier on this year, Wakeman has recorded a full solo piano album featuring a varied selection of music including classic songs that he originally performed on.

Bucking the trend of orchestral projects, Piano Portraits captures both the technical virtuosity and lightness of touch that have become trademarks of Wakeman’s playing since he first made a name for himself in the 1970s. Recorded at The Old Granary in South Norfolk, the 15-track collection ranges from landmark David Bowie hits ‘Life on Mars’, which Wakeman recorded the original piano parts for, and ‘Space Oddity’ to which he contributed mellotron; through The BeatlesYes and Led Zeppelin; to classical pieces composed by Debussy and Tchaikovsky.

“I’ve been wanting to do a piano album for years and I spent quite a bit of time looking at everything from straight classical pieces to stuff that I’d played on in the past like ‘Morning Has Broken’ and ‘Life On Mars’,” Wakeman explains. “Plus pieces of music that I thought would work really well like Stairway to Heaven and classics like ‘Clair de Lune’. Nearly all of the tracks have a memory for me somewhere down the line and it just seemed to work.”

Rick Wakeman has carved out a fascinating, idiosyncratic career that has comfortably traversed multiple musical worlds. A classically trained pianist, he studied at the Royal College Of Music before going on to become a much in-demand session musician playing on a string of hit songs by the likes of Black SabbathElton JohnCat Stevens and David Bowie.

Also well known as a member of progressive rock band Yes and as a hugely successful solo artist, Wakeman is without doubt one of the most original, entertaining and groundbreaking performers of his generation.

Order the Piano Portraits album from the official UDiscover store to include a limited edition signed canvas print.

Digital pre-orders will receive an instant download of Rick’s interpretation of ‘Help’ by The Beatles.


01 Help
02 Stairway to Heaven
03 Life on Mars
04 I’m Not In Love
05 Wonderous Stories
06 Berceuse
07 Amazing Grace
08 Swan Lake
09 Morning Has Broken
10 Summertime
11 Space Oddity
12 Dance of the Damselflies
13 Clair de Lune
14 Vow To Thee My Country
15 Eleanor Rigby


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