And so, the accidental band are back. Originally destined to be Matt Stevens’ second solo album, TFATD have morphed into possibly the most important instrumental rock act in the UK today. Comprising Matt (guitar, synth, piano), Kev Feazey (bass, programming, synth, percussion), Steve Cleaton (guitar, piano) and Stuart Marshall (drums, percussion) they have gained an amazing following (The Fierce Army) over the last few years, due in no small part to be a great live act who have found new fans wherever they have played. They can often be found playing with their mates Hawkwind, and gained huge kudos from their gig last year with Monkey3 at The Borderline.

Here they are back with their third studio album, which follows on from 2013’s ‘Spooky Action’ (they released the live ‘Field Recordings’ last year). It is incredibly hard to categorise their sound as it comprises elements from post rock, math rock, space, rock, prog and hard rock all thrown into a metallic melting pot. There are times when it feels that the band are just bouncing ideas off each other in the studio, jamming live, when at others it feels slightly more structured but whatever they are doing it always contains a mighty groove that makes the listener to move along to the music. Due to the small matter of geography I have never seen the guys play (they formed four years after I moved to the other side of the world), which I know is very much my loss, as while this is a great album I know that in concert it will be turned into something that is quite another level.

TFATD have stayed true to their roots to this album, and that the mainstream is starting to embrace them has far more to do with the rest of the world coming to grips with how good they are as opposed any “selling out”. This is an incredibly easy album to listen to, although with the distorted riffs sweeping through my brain I could never call them easy listening. This could well be the album that breaks them through to the big time, and it will be richly deserved. If you haven’t come across them before this, now is the time.


By Kev Rowland




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UK band The Fierce and the Dead has been signed as the Sunday morning opening band at RoSfest 2017

The Fierce and the Dead will be the opening band for Sunday at Rosfest 2017. This slot at the festival is often dubbed The Church of Prog; the truly dedicated audience filling these chairs on an early Sunday morning, receptive to good music and eager to spread the word about it, is the equivalent of a congregation in progressive rock circles.


The Fierce and the Dead formed accidentally, beginning with the recording of UK artist Matt Stevens’ solo album and instead leading to the formation of a band. This band has become so popular that Matt’s solo career has taken a back seat. After signing with Bad Elephant Records in 2013, the band released their second album “Spooky Action,” followed by the EP “Magnet” in 2015, with more material on the way.

Depending on the point of view, The Fierce and the Dead play either post-punk, post-rock, math metal or a King Crimson-oriented variety of progressive rock. Their songs are instrumental, quirky, fairly difficult to pigeonhole, and at times rather challenging to digest. Despite of, or because of, these traits, their stature has risen steadily in the 6 years since their formation. They’ve received numerous top end placements in the best album of the year lists in 2013, have been nominated as best new act by the Prog Magazine, and have a steadily growing fanbase.

We can’t wait to see this band make their live US debut at ROSfest 2017, and we’re certain that our first-rate audience will give Matt Stevens, Kev Feazey, Stuart Marshall and Steve Cleaton a warm welcome.

The Fierce & The Dead