Flor de Loto Announce LIVE EP!

Flor de Loto announce NEW LIVE EP! via social media.

In 2006, Flor de Lotus played for the first time outside of Peru, and it was nothing more and nothing less than at the “Rio Art Rock festival”, in Brazil.

Now, 13 years later, and while our producer, Mr. Roy Z, prepares us an even bigger surprise, we have a gift for all the people who follow us since then, and for all those who came after and who want to know part of the already quite long history of the band.

In a joint effort with Melodic Revolution Records and Rock Symphony, mixed and mastered by Kenneth Quiroz, and with the cover of Mark Astorga-Art Director, we bring you an EP with six themes of that presentation, and which includes also As a bonus, 3 themes of our second album “Mother Earth”, recorded and with new arrangements.

It should be noted that for that tour, we had as a guest on the keyboards to now fixed member of the band: Gustavo “Tavo” Valverde.

The lineup was completed by Johnny Perez in the winds and percussion, who was part of our first two albums; and Jorge Puccini on the drums, who participated in the band until 2010, with the album “bizarre worlds”.

Be very attentive and attentive to the release date and to our posts, that this month comes full of surprises.

The Eclipse will be noticed more than ever… until the end.

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