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It would take ages to list all the bands and musicians Colin has been involved with in the last 50+ years, but many will recognise his name from being co-founder of Flash with Peter Banks. Five years on from his debut as a solo artist, ‘One’, he is now back with this five-track release which is just under 30 minutes in length. Colin provides lead and harmony vocals, drum programming, bass, keyboards and guitar while he also worked long distance with George Keller who added guitar and more guitar. Colin’s vocals still have plenty of range, and it is difficult to realise he was in his seventies when this was recorded, having been born just a few hours after Peter Banks in 1947.

This does not sound like an album of today, nor does it sound British, which is probably not a surprise given that Colin has been living in the States for more than 40 years now. It feels like a late Seventies commercial mild rock album, of which there appeared to be many back then. There is not really enough of an edge, but just enough to give the album some presence, and while the drum machine is obviously not as good as the real thing it is not too obtrusive in this instance. The result is something which is mostly middle of the road and quite forgettable, but there are some instances (such as on “Night Vision Number 2”) where things start to come to life as the music moves more in a power pop direction. Would I play this in preference to the first two Flash albums? No, and having written about it I cannot imagine playing it again, yet while it is on this is a pleasant listen and I am sure there are plenty of people out there who will be surprised to know Colin is still going and will be intrigued enough to give this a try.

Rating: 6/10 Kev Rowland

Colin Carter Co-Founder of The English Progressive Rock Group Flash Releases New Solo Album

Melodic Revolution is thrilled to announce that Tracks in Space the 5-track second solo effort debut album by Colin Carter is now officially available to purchase and stream worldwide.

“This new CD is more polished and focused than the “Colin Carter-One” recording, and if the songs have one thing in common through each of them, it’s a constant pulse. A dance beat! So, prepare to get those feet moving and hips swaying! “
– Colin Carter

“For the “Tracks In Space” project, Colin had been working long distance with Los Angeles guitarist and session player, George Keller. The album was begun during lockdown, so travel was limited and the two worked extensively online. The two clicked musically and the result is quite impressive.”


1. Running Through The Smoke
2. Love On The Move
3. Sea Of Dreams 07:07
4. Night Vision Number 2
5. Back To Life

Total Running Time: 29 Minutes

racks in Space Sessions
Colin Carter – Lead and Harmony Vocals, Drum programming, Bass, Keyboards, and Guitar 
George Keller – Guitar solos, sonic riffs, and more guitar

Additional Credit:

All songs Composed, Engineered, and Produced by Colin Carter 
Mastered By: George Keller

File Under:

Rock / Art Rock

May Appeal to listeners of:
Peter Banks, David Bowie, Flash, Jellyfish and Matthew Sweet

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Melodic Revolution Records Signs COLIN CARTER Co-founder of the English Progressive Rock Group Flash

Melodic Revolution Records are beyond thrilled to announce the signing of COLIN CARTER, Co-founder of English Progressive Rock Group Flash to the MRR family of talent. 

Flash was an English progressive rock group, formed by former Yes guitarist Peter Banks, vocalist Colin Carter, bassist Ray Bennett, and drummer Mike Hough in August 1971 the band released three studio albums, with all three in the top 200 Billboard charts as well as their debut which charted at No. 33. 

Colin relocated to the US in the late 70s and continued performing with many bands. In the 2000’s Colin headed north, this time for rural Oregon, in the Pacific Northwest. During his time in Oregon, he has recorded a reformed Flash album on Cleopatra Records, with Ray Bennett, former Flash bass player, now on guitar. The two performed as Flash at Mexicali Prog Festival in Mexico in 2005 and again at the ProgDay Annual Progressive Rock Festival in North Carolina in 2010.

Colin now resides near the Oregon Coast. He is still writing, recording, and has released a solo CD named “Colin Carter-One” in 2018. Writing and singing all the songs, and playing most of the instruments, he produced an eclectic collection of songs in wide ranging styles. The album became an experiment to test the boundaries of his musical and songwriting and production skills. A learning experience.

So what’s next? Well Colin has finished recording a second solo album, Tracks in Space and is due out in 2023.

In a statement from Colin
I had just completed the Tracks in Space album, which was a ton of work, of course, but when it was finished , things all came to a grinding halt.

I didn’t want just another self release like my previous project, the Colin Carter-One CD which did okay but its release was limited in scope, I wanted more.

So in asking around my industry friends, I was pointed in the direction of Nick Katona of Melodic Revolution Records, and it turned out to be a perfect fit.

I came up with the music, Nick saw the possibilities, so now Melodic Revolution Records will be helping to send it out to the world to a far greater audience then I ever could.

“This new CD is more polished and focused than the “Colin Carter-One” recording, and if the songs have one thing in common through each of them, it’s a constant pulse. A dance beat! So, prepare to get those feet moving and hips swaying! “

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