Ken Sharp releases Hold On World to benefit United Way Worldwide’s COVID-19 Community Response and Recovery Fund

In light of the COVID-19 crisis, in a spirit of unity and as a message of hope, I wrote and recorded a new song, “Hold On World,” which I’ve just released as a single.

Proceeds from the sales of the single will be channeled to the United Way Worldwide’s COVID-19 Community Response and Recovery Fund, which provides relief to those left vulnerable by the pandemic.

As the lyrics state, “united we stand, divided we fall.” Now’s the time to heal this divide and join together in a sense of unity as we face this worldwide pandemic.

Being self-quarantined presented its own set of challenges so I recorded my parts at home (lead and background vocals, Moog, electric piano), and enlisted my pals, Fernando Perdomo and Rob Bonfiglio, two of the most gifted and talented musicians I know who supplied their own musical magic (Fernando on bass, drums, guitar and organ/ Rob on background vocals), each recording their contributions at their own studios, Reseda Ranch Studios in Winnetka/Reseda, CA and The Manor in Toluca Lake, CA.
I’m putting this out as a vinyl single as well. Info: [email protected]

Take a listen to the song here and if you like it, please consider buying a download and contributing to a worthy cause.
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“Hold On World” 
Produced by Fernando Perdomo and Ken Sharp 
Recorded at Reseda Ranch Studios, Reseda, CA, Union Jack Studios, Encino, CA and The Manor, Toluca Lake, CA. 

Ken Sharp-lead and background vocals, piano, Moog, electric piano 
Fernando Perdomo-drums, bass, organ, electric guitar, guitar solo, tambourine, maracas, bell tree 
Rob Bonfiglio: background vocals

Hold On World 

hey there brother, you’re so far away 
hey there sister, the news gets worse every day 
we’re running out of answers and we’re running out of time 
so send out this message across the telegraph lines 
united we stand, divided we fall 

so hold on world, hold on, oh yeah (hold on world) 
one last chance for humanity, one voice singing our song 
so hold on world, hold on 

prey on the living and prey on the weak 
came down like thunder and knocked us off our feet 
i believe in our spirit, i believe we are strong 
so join together and sing along, sing along 
united we stand, divided we crawl 

too much sorrow, too much pain 
going down, going down, going down, going down 

united we stand, divided we fall 
united we stand, divided we crawl