KYROS ‘Vox Humana’ Update

Firstly, we would like to thank everyone for their excitement and positivity with regards to the announcement of our upcoming double album ‘Vox Humana’ and accompanying single ‘Cloudburst’.

We are very excited to now announce some more news! ‘Cloudburst’ will be available to purchase on the 21st SEPTEMBER, on which date we will also begin to take pre-orders for the ‘Vox Humana’ release on the 5th NOVEMBER. Both products will be released as a physical CD format with purchasing available through the online store at and Amazon UK as well as digitally through iTunes, Tidal, Deezer, Spotify and many more online outlets.

We will be offering special preorder packages at our store where you can place an order of both the album and single at the same time for a reduced combined price. You will then receive a copy of the single within a few days of placing your order on the 21st September and a copy of the album a few days before the official release date on the 5th November.

We will also soon be releasing our music video for ‘Cloudburst’ so be sure to keep a look out for that!

The artwork for ‘Vox Humana’ was created by artist, Matt Verges with graphic design by Adam Warne. Original concept by Adam Warne, Joey Frevola and Matt Verges.


CD1 / The Maker:
Vox Humana (0:28)
Technology Killed the Kids II (7:41)
Cloudburst (6:02)
Persistence of Vision (5:49)
The Lamb, the Badger & the Bee (6:41)
New Paradigm (8:58)

CD2 / The Human Voice:
Mind Electric (5:53)
Speak to Me (4:22)
Persistence of Perfection (4:59)
Monster (4:50)
Hounds (3:08)
The Darkness Grove (3:12)
Boiling Point (5:53)
Ego (5:02)
Dilate (8:17)