For his fourth album on Melodic Revolution Records (MRR) Darrel Treece-Birch has recorded a new collection of music filled with gratitude, reflection, wonder and most notable peace for this holiday season. The First Step…Is To Take One is being released in Digital Format only and is available through the Melodic Revolution Records Bandcamp store as well as other digital retail outlets.

This album picks up where his 2017 release Healing Touch left off. Included in the new album is the 2018 Holiday song For Giving, from MRR’s charity release – The Sled; a simple message which is quite profound that in giving we receive so much more, and to forgive others and oneself is another ‘step’ in our journey to begin again.
Darrel’s sweeping tapestries of the sound mix with the yule fires of the heart creating a beautiful and contemplative album that he hopes will inspire you to step into the unknown; to find the passion within that propels each of us to take a step along the path we call life.

As with the previous holiday, song releases Darrel has created a video inspired by the music of For Giving; enveloping us in the spirit of generosity and gratitude; the essence of giving.

The album includes three previously released holiday tunes and six brand new instrumentals from the keyboard maestro himself. Nine songs suffused of contemplation, nine tracks that continue to stir the soul and awaken the dreamer, nine tracks of peace, serenity, and hope magnified by this very special season.

Track Listing
1. This Crushed Diamond Shroud
2. My Soul Sings
3. To Follow A Star
4. His Gentle Voice
5. For Giving
6. Jesus Wept
7. Meditate
8. Why
9. Savasana

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