The Japanese-Brazilian trans progressive rock artist Yasu releases new single “My Spaceship Lost Control” on all streaming platforms. The track is a rock opera about an astronaut who finds his ship adrift in space, with death imminent. It’s a song full of metaphors about depression and mental health. The single has strong inspirations from bands such as Pink Floyd, King Crimson, Porcupine Tree and David Bowie.

With its unique fusion of sonic elements and cultures, Yasu promises a captivating musical experience that will take progressive rock fans on an exciting and unforgettable journey. The track is a celebration of creativity and diversity, reflecting their Japanese and Brazilian cultural heritage.

Their talent for combining complex sonic textures with engaging lyrics transports listeners into a richly detailed sonic world where the past and present intertwine in magical ways.

Combining progressive rock, new wave and pop music, Yasu has strong inspirations from prog artists on the more pop side, such as Supertramp, Kate Bush, Peter Gabriel, Alan Parsons Project and Steven Wilson.

“My Spaceship Lost Control”:

The video shows an astronaut adrift in space, with excerpts from videos by singer David Bowie. The music has strong inspirations in bands like Pink Floyd, King Crimson, Porcupine Tree and David Bowie.

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