The Mid Shires Herald, the debut album from Duke 72- will be released by Bad Elephant Music on 8th February 2019.

The brainchild of Big Hogg’s Justin Lumsden and drummer Jonny Mitchell (Future of Dead Relic Memories, BricolageThe Stranglers) this groovy slice of funky psych was completed whilst Jonny was visiting Glasgow last year. With guest appearances from Justin’s Big Hogg bandmates Ross McCrae and Sophie Sexon, and Lavinia Blackwall (ex-Trembling Bells), Duke 72 evokes the spirit of 1970’s space rock with a Canterbury twist. 

Weekend by the Sea
Rust and Stars
Backbone of a Jellyfish
Oxblood and Rings
Evil Genius
Antique Antiques
Out Of Reach

Justin Lumsden – Guitars , Vocals 
Jonny Mitchell – Drums 
Ross McCrae – Trombone 
Sophie Sexon – Vocals , Flute 
Lavinia Blackwall – Vocals , Piano 
John Cromar – Hammond Organ , Electric Piano
Julia Jeffrey – vocals

All titles Lumsden/Mitchell 

Recorded at Anchor Lane Studios by Luigi Pasquini 
Mixed and produced by Luigi Pasquini and Justin Lumsden 
Mastered by Daniel Bowles  at Seren Sounds Studio 

Front cover – ‘5 of Wands’ by Julia Jeffrey 
Duke 72 sigil by John Lammie 
Design by Brian Mitchell