The Birth of Oceans5 and The Mingulay Boatsong

When you think of Progressive music, the last thing you imagine is a 200 year old tune with traditional lyrics mixed into it. However this is what Folk Singer/Songwriter Andy John Bradford had in mind when he approached Progressive musician Colin Tenchfrom Bunchakeze with the idea. Together they worked on the different bits. Twiddling and widdling and turning a traditional folk song into a prog classic with epic sounds and qualities that were only imagined on the first meeting of the minds.

Now released for sale on Melodic Revolution Records

So.. with Andy John Bradford wielding a 12 string guitar(a HUGE number of atmospheric noises) & a powerful but angelic vocal chord thingie, Colin Tench (who also did an amazing job producing it), twanging an electric guitar(& making silly noises), they produced a version unlike any version of The Mingulay boatsong heard before. They cared not if anybody actually wanted to hear such a version!
However this was not enough for these two musicians. They enlisted the help of Stef Flaming ,the mastermind behind Rock band “Murkey Red” in Belgium to tighten it up, play bass( & make some deep and annoying noises), Victor Tassone in New York who plays with Prog rock band “Unified past” to nail it with his drums(& make some noises that actually hurt). Now the song grew some major legs. However.. something else was needed, so along came Marco Chiappini of “Gandalf’s Project” in Rome who added loveliness with Hammonds, Moogs and pianos (& did some completely pointless noises). Now the song was bigger than a really big thing & ready for release and almost 7 months down the line here we are offering it to you.
We hope you enjoy this traditional song performed in an unconventional way with a progressive tone mixed with style and atmosphere.

A relatively unknown artist from Mozambique Sonia Mota has completed this transcontinental collaboration by producing amazing artwork for Oceans 5!


Check out the links of the artists involved who despite the distance of oceans have come together through the internet

Andy John Bradford
Colin Tench
Stef Flaming
Victor Tassone
Marco Chiappini