Blake Carpenter to release his first new Minstrel’s Ghost album since the highly acclaimed The Road to Avalon in 2012, the new TMG album will boast 12 track and is a chilling tale unlike any other, this release also signifies the end of The Minstrel’s Ghost era.

Jack: A Different Tale is a story of birth, despair, trauma, murder, and suicide. The story of a boy and his life, growing up in a dark world, exposed to dark things bludgeoning his fragile mind and leading him to morbid adulthood of brutal and calculated murder ending with his emotional ride to suicide.

According to Blake; even though this album was meant to be a pivotal starting point to a future on the road bringing TMG to the world it is also a fitting end to a dream I had for a long time, something that could have been great but the fates apparently saw differently.

I want to thank each and every one of you for your support over the last 10 years and your patience over the last 5 whilst I dealt with everything that came at me during that time.

I am not giving up making music but I am letting the ghost move on so this will be the last TMG work to come from me. Please, if you want to keep up with me after this, head on over to, bookmark it and check back regularly for updates, feel free to re-sign up for the newsletter as well. If you have not already, you can add me as a friend on Facebook here and follow me on twitter here.

Jack: A Different Tale will be available as a preorder starting today, but only as a digital release for now!

Track Listing
1. Alone 02:52
2. Born 05:18
3. Growing Pains 04:16
4. A New Day 04:17
5. New Scars 04:27
6. Goodbye 04:32
7. Darkness Falls 05:06
8. It Begins 04:50
9. The News 03:13
10. Saucy Jacky 04:08
11. What Have I Done 04:49
12. Reflections 05:46

The Minstrel’s Ghost is…

Blake Carpenter / Voice, Keyboards & Guitar
Keyboards, Rhythm, and Harmony on all tracks.
Lead Vocals on Growing Pains, A New Day, New Scars, It Begins, Saucy Jacky, What Have I Done, and Reflections

Jartse Tuominen / Lead Guitar

Tony James Martin / Voice & Bass Guitar
Bass Guitar on all tracks, Lead Vocals on The News. Harmony Vocals on Growing Pains, A New Day, New Scars, Goodbye, The News and What Have I Done

Mark Troup / Voice & Drums
Drums on all tracks, Lead Vocals on Born. Harmony Vocals on Growing Pains, A New Day, New Scars, Goodbye, It Begins, The News and What Have

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