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Melodic Revolution Records is pleased to announce the upcoming album Stargazer 2 by The Steve Bonino Project.

Hot on the heels of the highly acclaimed debut album Stargazer… Bomber Goggles Multi-instrumentalist Steve Bonino returns with Stargazer 2. 

Stargazer is the nickname given to the hero of the story born into a dystopian future in which man’s neglect has made Earth no longer habitable. 

For the past 20 years on Proxima b, the colonists have been feverishly building a transparent dome to protect themselves from the sun’s radiation and to able to control their environment.

Upon its completion, it is decided they should send out an exploration party to try to replenish lost supplies. After a two day trek, they come upon what looks like the ruins of an abandoned alien city where they find what appear to be texts written in an alien language.

Are the writings actually alien, or could there be a connection to the colonists they could never dare to imagine?
Tune in to Stargazer 2 for the shocking truth.

‘Stargazer 2’ will be Released & selections Performed Live along with songs from Stargazer by The Steve Bonino Project on April 14th, 2019 at Alvas Showroom 1417 W 8th Street. San Pedro, CA 90732  

Showtime 4:00 PM 
General Admission $15.00
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The Live Band:
Steve Bonino Bass/Vocals 
Peter Matuchniak Guitar/Vocals 
Both Steve and Peter are members of the critically acclaimed band Bomber Goggles whose debut album ‘Gyerland’ spent weeks in the top ten at Prog Archives. 
Jimmy Keegan Drums/Vocals (formerly Spock’s Beard and played drums on Santana’s ‘Supernatural’ album). 
Jonathan Sindelman Keyboards/Vocals (has performed with Allan White of Yes, 
Mike Keneally from Frank Zappa’s band and Joe Travers from Zappa Plays Zappa).
Seth Romano Guitar/Keyboards/Percussion/Vocals (‘The Trip’).

Track Listing

01. The Grand Finale
02. Under The Dome 
03. The Dark Light Divide 
04. So Familiar
05. City Out Of Time 
06. Alien Progeny 
07. Broken Record 
08. Hyperspeed Overdrive
09. Codex 
10. The Ancient Sumerian 
11. Fear

Studio Band

Stave Bonino, Vocals/Guitars/Bass/Keybords and Drum Programming
Peter Matuchniak, lead guitar on The Dark Light Divide, City out of Time and Fear
Mike Lewis, Drums on The Grand Finale and The Ancient Sumerian 
Jimmy Keegan, Drums on The Dark Light Divide
Marco Minnemann, Drums on Hyperspeed Overdrive
Seth Lewis, Backing vocals on The Grand Finale
Erik Johnson, Rythm Guitar on City Out Of Time 

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