Voice of the Enslaved will be the next release by Blake Carpenter and falls under the heading of a new solo project. Blake is the man that brought you the critically acclaimed album The Road to Avalon by The Minstrel’s Ghost as well as adding his signature style to the debut release with Corvus Stone.

Blake Carpenter describes this new effort;
“Are you aware of the manipulation and brainwashing we are subjected to minute by minute? If not then you are in for a shock. This is not a scam, this is not a hoax, and it’s a horrifying realty that must be told to all.

Voice of The Enslaved will be a heavy hitting album about being subservient and led to slaughter in this corporatocracy we live in. Voice of the Enslaved is full of not so subtle clues to how we ended up in this “1984″ scenario. It is not meant to be political but anti establishment. From the slop we watch to the slop we eat we are under the spell of a few men who wish to keep us all in the dark when it comes to their agenda. For decades we have been groomed to follow blindly, buying what they tell us to, eating what they tell us to, saying what they want us to, to believe that what they say is definitive. “Some of us have begun to awaken from our hypnotic slumber of obedience and are now trying to reach the rest of you so that we may fight the corporate giants with numbers instead of with money and violence. We as a people could never afford to fight them in court, which are controlled by them anyway, but if we all begin to take control of our own lives and our own destiny then we can stop this before it is too late. In a sense we would still be fighting them with money but by hitting them where it will do the most for this cause, the purse.”

Voice Of The Enslaved Is:
Blake Carpenter, Vocals, Keyboards & Acoustic Guitars (The Minstrels Ghost, Corvus Stone & Coalition)
Zoltan Csörsz Jr, Drums (The Flower Kings, Karmakanic  & The Minstrels Ghost)
Petri “Lemmy” Lindström, Bass Guitars (Progeland & Corvus Stone)
Robert McClung, Guitars (Telergy)

Special Guests TBA.
Available mid 2014 on Melodic Revolution Records
Artwork by Ed Unitsky