The Brand New Factory of Dreams album is now available!!

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12-page booklet with original artwork, 70 minutes of music with 12 brand new tracks, original concept story.

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‘Some Kind of Poetic Destruction’ is Factory of Dreams 4th album. A conceptual scifi album that follows the adventures of Kyra, a unique and mysterious character who holds the key to our fate.

Something is closing in on the Earth. What is it? What is its purpose? What will happen to Earth? Discover this amazing storyline, full of surprises and mysteries, as we follow Kyra on an epic journey to find her purpose, faith and destiny throughout nearly 70 minutes of music.

This new album explores even further the sound of the previous album Melotronical, pushing it beyond the boundaries of the Electronic Progressive Metal genre. Expect poignant melodies, heavy passages balanced by atmospheric parts, rhythmical changes and instrumental sections that are sure to delight all who appreciate the genre.

Track highlights are the explosive Neutron Star, the epic Join Us into Sound, the powerful Dark Season featuring Magali Luyten, the beautiful Seashore Dreams (cd includes the full version of this track ~7 min) and Angel Tears featuring great interaction and duets between Jessica and Raquel Schüler.
Hugo Flores also decided to remake an older song called Playing the Universe, now revamped by Jessica’s vocals, that perfectly fits the storyline.

The brand new album features amazing guest vocalists and musicians. Check them out:

Magali Luyten ( of Beautiful Sin, Ayreon, Epysode – Vocals

Raquel Schüler of Hydria ( – Vocals

Lyris Hung of HUNG ( – Violin

Chris Brown ( of Ghost Circus and Roswell Six – Guitar

Tadashi Goto ( – Keyboards

Shawn Gordon of Psychic for Radio ( – Keyboards

Narration by Mark Ashby, Angela Merrithew & Nathan Ashby

Produced by Progrock Records & Hugo Flores, mixed and composed by Hugo Flores
Mastered by Chris Brown
Artwork by Venefica Luna of

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